Diamond Engagement Rings Kenilworth

Certified Engagement Rings

Certified Engagement Rings

First Class Watches have a beautiful range of fully Certified Diamond Engagement Rings in Kenilworth available on our website and also on our James Moore Jewellers site. Their bespoke collection includes four of the most popular and breathtaking styles on the market, these include Tiffany Style rings, Halo Style Rings, Trilogy Style Rings and Twisted Claw Style Rings. Looking for the perfect ring for that special someone could possibly be the hardest shop you’ve ever done but First Class Watches are here to make it easier for you by providing you with the top four styles and the reasons as to what makes them so popular with brides to be.

Tiffany style Engagement Ring

Tiffany Style Rings

The Tiffany Ring Setting also know as the ‘Solitaire’ is one of the most popular and classic ring settings for an engagement ring. There are many reasons why this is the case however the main reason is that there is no other ring setting style that draws a viewer’s attention and draws their eye to the centre stone. There is nothing distracting from the beauty of the centre diamond. This eye catching design twinned with the designs simplicity makes Tiffany rings such a winning combination.

Tiffany or solitaire ring settings belong to the prong-settings category. The Prongs are little metal claws that hold the diamond securely in place. This is a popular choice as they allow so much of the diamond to be seen and to catch the light. The more light the diamond gets the more is reflected back to the viewer adding to the diamonds ‘Wow factor‘.

There are different types of prongs in the Prong category which have different amounts of prongs. There are 4-prong ring settings and 6-prong ring settings.

There are advantages and disadvantages to having a ring with a 4-prong ring settings and a ring with a 6-prong setting. As explained the 4-prong setting allows more of the diamond to be on show whereas the 6-prong setting holds your diamond more securely to the band allowing you to view it with confidence that it is less likely to get lost or get knocked out due to heavy impact however you should note that these kind of incident are extremely rare. Another thing to note when looking for an engagement ring is that the thinner the ring band the larger the diamond appears on the ladies finger.

You can view our range of Tiffany Style Certified Engagement Rings here.

Halo Style Engagement Ring

Halo Style Rings

Halo Style rings are a bridal style that first appeared back in the 1920’s and experienced a big rise in popularity again in the 1960’s. Nowadays the Halo ring style is once again enjoying an enormous spike in its popularity. The main diamond is surrounded by a tight ring of small diamonds in a ‘Halo’ formation which compliment the main diamond and crate a larger more dramatic statement.

You can view our range of Halo Style Certified Engagement Rings here.

Trilogy Style Engagement Ring

Trilogy Style Rings

Trilogy style ring settings don’t have any symbolic reasoning however no one can deny they aren’t aesthetically pleasing. The three stone diamond ring is highly adaptable to many different variations and styles. The trilogy ring Represents “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” and is a highly sentimental choice for both engagements and upgrades to celebrate anniversaries or vow renewals. What draws customers to these rings over any other style is that there is a multitude of different options for shoppers looking for three stone engagement rings.

You can view our range of Trilogy Style Certified Engagement Rings here.

Twisted Claw Style Engagement Ring

Twisted Claw Style Rings

Twisted claw style engagement rings come from a twirling twisted design, hence the name. Twisted claw style rings are styled into either the setting or shoulders of the ring. It is a simply styled ring which retains a certain simplicity whilst still keeping a smooth flowing movement to the design. Most of the Twisted claw style engagement rings you see in high street windows combine elegance with prestige with a small sprinkling of style. The twisted claws precise setting mean that the ring has to be manufactured with a computers aid so that the setting can be as secure as possible otherwise you risk the diamond loosing its setting. Using a computer allows for everyday wear, providing security for the diamond.

You can view our range of Twisted Claw Style Certified Engagement Rings here.