Ritz Hotel In Paris Jewellery Heist

the ritz hotel logoYou might have heard in recent news a jewellery store which is located inside the Ritz Hotel in Paris was robbed by a gang wielding axes. The group of 5 men’s all with weapons raided the jewellers and stole millions of euros worth of jewellery in a almost ‘movie style’ raid. The Ritz hotel opened its doors for the first time in 1898 and is famous for having celebrities such as Coco ChanelArletty and Pablo Picasso. The hotel was the first hotel to have en-suite bathrooms, telephones and electricity in every room which was a huge deal at the time. French publications released a report stating that over 4 million euros of precious stones and jewellery was stolen and there was even witness accounts of gun shots being fired.

The Gang of 5 made the smash and grab at the luxurious five-star Ritz which is located in Place Vendôme in Paris. Next door to the ministry of justice the Ritz is situated in the historical first district on the bank of the river Seine.

The jewellery store was located in the hotels gallery which comprises of 5 shops and a number of showcase retailers selling huge ranges of jewellery, watches, stones and clothes with massive price tags.

Local newspaper Le Parisien reported recently that the gang were seen by a patrolling police officer who then intervened and the gang ran with what they had where the commotion spilled out onto the street.