3 Gemstones Rarer than a Diamond

3 Gemstones Rarer than a Diamond

The diamond market flourishes with its popular demands for jewellery and engagement rings. Diamonds are common in the gemstone market however, there are other gems which are in fact rarer than diamonds. Although diamonds are rare to a certain extent, there are other gemstones which are even rarer as they need specific conditions to form. Here is a selection of some of the rarest gem stones on earth.


3. Alexandrite


The Alexandrite gem stone is famous for its shifting colour.The colour of this gemstone is not only effected by the light, which is known as pleochroic, it also changed depending on the angle it is being looked at. At some angles it appears a reddish-purple, and in others it appears a blue-green. The colour changing properties are due to the rare combination of minerals; titanium, iron and chromium. The gemstone itself belongs to the family of emeralds. The stone was discovered in the mountains of Russia in 1834 and was named after the Russian Czar, Alexander II.

2. Tanzanite


Tanzanite is 1000 times rarer than a diamond. The Tanzanite can only be found in the African Mountain, Kilimanjaro. Unlike other gemstones, the tanzanite was not discovered in commercial quantities until the 1960’s. Since then the tanzanite has become popular and takes second place in the blue gemstone market after the sapphire.

1. Red Beryl


The red beryl is one of the rarest gemstones in the world. The only crystals that have qualities good enough to cut are found in Utah. The red beryl is rare because its formation requires a unique geochemical environment. There are three elements that need to be present, the first being beryllium in large amounts so that minerals can form. Secondly manganese must also be available and present at the same time and in the same location. Finally, the correct geochemical conditions must be available for the beryllium, aluminum, silicon and oxygen to crystallise into red beryl.

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