Birthstone For January: Garnet

Birthstone For January: Garnet

With the start of the new year comes a new month and birthstone. This January is the garnet which symbolises deep and lasting friendship. The name for the gemstone garnet actually originates from the 14th-century word ‘deep red’. Despite the origins of the name, the garnet is not only red but can be a whole host of different colours such as orange or green. Some garnets can change colour in the light but they are a rarity. This particular gemstone is found in a variety of different countries such as the Czech Republish, Greece, Russian, Tanzania, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and India.

History of the Garnet

The garnet actually dates back to 3100BC as they, like emeralds, were popular with the Egyptians. It is thought that the reason they can be traced back to the bronze age is due t0 the gems durability.  The garnet was also popular during the 3rd and 4th century with the Romans. During these ages, warriors would wear a garnet for protection not only for battle but also for diseases like the plague. Garnets then became popular again in the Victorian era and is still today found in a range of different jewellery styles.

Jewellery For January

Birthstone jewellery are fantastic gifts for family and friends. If you have any peers or loved ones born in January here are some jewellery pieces that might take your fancy.

Chamilia Galaxy Birthstone Charm January Red 


This charm certainly eye-catching, showing off a beautiful contrast of red and silver. This charm will help add a little sparkle to your attire. It would make a great first charm to a Chamilia bracelet or alternatively a great addition to an existing one!

Thomas Sabo January Charm Red

Thomas Sabo


This charm designed and created by Thomas Sabo is sleek and sophisticated in style, as with the previous charm would make a great first charm on a Thomas Sabo bracelet or alternatively a new addition. This charm is rich in colour and will certainly earn you some compliments along the way.