Birthstone For March: Aquamarine

Calling all those born in March! Today we are looking at the beautiful blue aquamarine. As the colour of this gem suggests, the name means ‘water’ and ‘sea’ which is derived from Latin. The colour of this gemstone ranges from rich sea blues to light greens, the darker the colour blue, the more valuable the stone. Aquamarines can be found in a few different countries such as Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, Pakistan, and Mozambique.

Here is a clip of aquamarines being mined:

Aquamarines are similar to emeralds with them being derived from the mineral, Beryl. This gorgeous gemstone not only represents the birthstone of March but is also used to commemorate 19th wedding anniversaries, so if you know someone with a big 19th wedding celebration coming up, you know which stone to get them.

The History of  the Aquamarine

As this beautiful gem has heavy connotations with the sea, it may come as no surprise that aquamarines were historically believed to protect sailors at sea. Eqyptions and Hebrews during the middle ages both admired the stone and many warriors wore the stone to battle. It was also believed that aquamarines had healing properties and were used in ancient medicines, particularly for infections of the eye. During the middle ages, aquamarines were worn as an antidote for poisons, Romans also believed that if you carved a frog into an aquamarine it could help build bridges between friends and enemies.

Aquamarine Jewellery

Chamilia Galaxy Birthstone Charm March Blue 


This charm is well suited to those that love jewellery with an added sparkle. The blue crystals in this charm will certainly catch the eye and add to your day to day attire. The good thing about birth month related jewellery is that it makes a great go-to gift for birthdays and more.

Thomas Sabo March Charm Light Blue

thomas sabo blue

This is a simplistic but elegant charm that would be a great addition to an existing charm bracelet or new charm bracelet. It is an excellent gift idea for those looking for a birthday present for a friend or loved one.