Celestial Inspired Charms

Whether you’re an aspiring astronomer or you love stargazing at night because it makes you feel a part of a greater whole, there’s no better way to show your love for the skies than a charm on a carefully curated bracelet. Keep the magic in your life alive with these celestial-inspired charms. They are sure to remind you to remember to look toward the sky and never stop dreaming and wishing. 


Thomas Sabo Moon & Stars Sterling Sliver Gold Plated 1664-427-32

A charming vibrant design, this charm features a crescent moon and three different sized stars. The edge of the charm is ridged, invoking the image of a laurel leaf wreath. The background behind the moon is a vibrant rich blue. Made of sterling silver, the charm has been plate in yellow gold.

moon phase charm

Thomas Sabo | Moonphase Charm | Blackened Sterling Silver | 1753-637-21

This Thoma Sabo circular charm bears a design of the moon phases. Each phase has been embossed into the plaque around the circumference of the charm. Small stars have been added as separators between each phase as well. The celestial design is completed by a design of the sun in the middle. Inspired by antique period pieces, the charm has a distinctly ancient look. The charm is made of blackened sterling silver.

moon and stars

Thomas Sabo Charm Pendant “Moon And Stars” 1444-414-39

With its minimalist and mixed metal design, this charm is ideal for those with a love for the night sky who want to show it off in a more casual subtle way. The charm is sterling silver and features a gold plated moon with three engraved stars. To add a touch of sparkle to the design, a crystal has been set in the centre of each star. 

planet charm

Thomas Sabo | Golden Planet Charm | Gold Plated Sterling Silver | 1755-903-14

While we often show our love for the stars and the moon, there is rarely jewellery with a focus on other celestial objects. Thankfully, this Thomas Sabo charm is planet-inspired and elegant. The design represents a planet resembling Saturn. A glass bead has been set into a gold plated sterling silver. The gold covers half of the bead giving it a sophisticated dual-tone look. A gold plated ring set with crystals surrounds the bead. At the top of the charm where it attaches to the clasp, a star design has been added to represent the sky. 

Celestial Inspired Charms

Thomas Sabo Sun With Turquoise Stone Charm 1535-404-17

Who doesn’t love sunny warm weather? Honouring our closest star, this charm has a simple understated design. It is made of sterling silver and features a turquoise stone in the centre. Turquoise is perhaps the oldest coloured crystal utilised by humanity. The stone is associated with feminine energy, serenity and friendship. 

Celestial Inspired Charms

Thomas Sabo Charm Pendant “I Love You To The Moon And Back” 1443-413-39

Show your loved one how much you care about them with this delightful delicate charm. The design features 2 separate charms, a gold-plated sterling silver moon and a sterling silver heart. Both have been engraved. The heart features the “I love you” engraving which is continued onto the moon with “To the moon and back”. Simple and straight to the point, the charm is the perfect gift for any occasion.

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