Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelets

We all have that one friend who we want to get something extra special for. It might not be for a specific occasion or event, but you want to give them something just for being, well, them? I recently gave my best friend a bracelet, it was only small however it signified so much more for our friendship. The good thing about giving your best friend a piece of jewellery is that it can be unique to both of you. That may be in the form of matching bracelets or even a charm bracelet which can be added to over time.

In light of this here are some of our top recommendations for friendship bracelets here at James Moore Jewellers.

Thomas Sabo’s Little Secrets

Thomas Sabo recently added a new range of friendship bracelets to their jewellery range. Each bracelet is uniquely crafted and their are a variety of different styles to choose from.  The bracelets are made from a fine rope and are adorned with a silver or rose gold charm. The good thing about the variety in these bracelets is that you can choose one for your best friend which is meaningful to your friendship.

Sterling Silver Glam And Soul Little Secrets Clover Leaf

Thomas Sabo

If you and your best friend are feeling particularly lucky then this dainty clover leaf bracelet might be what you are looking for. It comes in a greyish army green, a colour which is subtle yet stylish.

Sterling Silver Glam And Soul Little Secrets Infinity

Thomas Sabo

If the look that you and you best friend tend to sway towards is more of an edgy style then the infinity charm bracelet is well suited to your style. It features a bold black rope and an infinity charm with crystals. This bracelet is surely one to catch the eye, especially in the light.

Sterling Silver Glam And Soul Little Secrets Rose Gold Heart

Thomas Sabo

For those best friends which have a girly style we have this rose gold heart and pale pink bracelet. This can be accessorised with a variety of looks both formal and informal and is well suited to an elegant style.


Thomas Sabo Charm Bracelets

Alternatively, you might be looking for a friendship bracelet which is more personal. A charm bracelet is a great way to give a personalised gift and one you can keep adding to over time. Thomas Sabo have a selection of charms to choose from.

Aircraft Charm

Thomas sabo charm

This aeroplane charm is perfect for friends that have travelled together. It is a charm which is not over complicated in design, it rather shows a meaningful event shared between you.

Ballet Shoe Charm Pink

Ballet Charm

I met so many of my friends taking part in dance classes and it is a place we shared many memories. Perhaps you and your friend are ballet dancers, if that is the case this is the charm for you.

Chamilia Charm Bracelets

Our final recommendations on friendship bracelets is charm bracelets by Chamilia. Chamilia have a selection of charms relating to birthstones, star signs as well as special occasions.

Celebrations- February- Swarovski Birthstone


Birthstones are widely popular when it comes to jewellery. Birthstones are personal to the wearer and it a great gift for your best friend as a birthday present.

Limited Edition Keepsake Diploma Charm

Chamilia charms

I had to mentioned this charm, purely for the fact that it is limited edition. If you best friend is studying at university then this will be the perfect graduation gift.

All of the jewellery mentioned on this blog is currently in stock. Happy Shopping!


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