Good Luck Charms by Thomas Sabo

Good Luck Charms by Thomas Sabo

Everyone needs some good luck every now and then. We’ve all had one of those days where nothing is going your way. The car won’t start, you can’t find your keys and you end up spilling coffee all over yourself. Whether you believe in luck or you think it’s all just a series of very unfortunate events, it could never hurt to have someone in your corner. Don’t let bad luck days ruin your entire week. We suggest these good luck charms by Thomas Sabo to get the universe on your side. 

Good Luck Charms by Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo 1560-643-11

Most good luck charms are also meant to bring protection to their wearer. The horseshoe has a long history though folklore as a protection and good luck symbol. The legend was started in ancient England when a blacksmith nailed a horseshoe to a horse. The horse however turned out to be the Devil himself, so in return for the blacksmith removing the horseshoe the Devil promised to never enter a house displaying a horseshoe again. Thus began the long tradition of nailing a horseshoe above one’s door to ward against evil. The upside down horseshoe (mimicking the letter n) is said to drop down prosperity and luck into the hands of the wearer. This Thomas Sabo charm is made of sterling silver. The horseshoe features geometric designs along its length and is set with several black cubic zirconia crystals. 

hamsa charm

Thomas Sabo Hand Of Fatima Charm White 925 Sterling Silver/ White Diamond DC0030-725-14

Not so much a good luck charm as a ward against evil, the Hamsa also known as the Hand of Fatima or the Hand of Mary is seen as a protection symbol. The symbol is said to protect against malicious intent, evil spirits. The number five, represented by the 5 fingers of the hand, is also seen as lucky. Most commonly the design of the hand represents a palm with an eye in the centre. The charm is made of sterling silver with various shapes cut into the metal. In the centre of the palm three cubic zirconia crystals are set to represent the iris of the eye. 

Good Luck Charms by Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo | Cloverleaf Disc Charm | Blackened Sterling Silver | 1759-637-21

Probably the ultimate symbol of good luck is the four leafed clover. Less commonly known is that each leaf in a clover has a meaning in some folk traditions. One leaf is for hope, two represents faith, three – love and four is for luck. An irish verse also prescribes different meaning to each leaf, however in that version, each of the four leaves aids the wearer in a different way and the four leaves together symbolise luck. It’s unclear when the four leaf clover became a symbol of good luck. There is evidence pointing towards the mid 1600s, with the belief gaining popularity in the 19th century. The design of this charm by Thomas Sabo is simple and rustic. The design represents a four leaf clover encircled by a rope. The charm is made of blackened sterling silver. 

imitation malachite clover

Thomas Sabo Green Cloverleaf Sterling Silver Charm 1562-475-6

For a more simple and subtle good luck charm we suggest this green clover charm. It’s minimalist design makes it a perfect addition to your charm bracelet. Featuring in the middle of the sterling silver four leaf clover silhouette is an imitation malachite stone. The different coloured green bands of the stone give each charm a unique look. 

Good Luck Charms by Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo Rabbit Charm 925 Sterling Silver Cold Enamel 0819-007-12

The belief in lucky rabbit’s feet comes from North America. This lucky charm has a darker meaning behind it, however it has been adopted as a way to bring financial prosperity to its owner. Instead of a rabbit foot, why not have a whole rabbit on your charm bracelet. This playful charm is made of sterling silver and features pink enamel on the nose and black on the eyes to make the rabbit’s features more distinct. 

Do you believe in luck? Which of these good luck charms by Thomas Sabo is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.