How to take care of your jewellery?

How To Take Care Of Your Jewellery?

For a lot of us, jewellery is an essential part of our everyday life. We all have a favourite ring, a necklace we find lucky or a bracelet we wear all the time. What we always fail to consider is that jewellery like clothes or shoes needs care. If you wear a pair of shoes nonstop every day for a few weeks they will inevitably start to wear out and will stop looking like they did when you first put them on. The same happens with jewellery, however, we often don’t notice until its too late. It can scratch, tarnish and lose its shine. The jewellery we wear also comes into contact with the same type of bacteria we come across and not cleaning the pieces often or after use just causes it to spread back onto us. Another reason it’s important to learn how to clean and how to take care of your jewellery is to maintain its quality, especially if it’s an antique or sentimental piece you would like to pass down to future generations. 

It will unavoidably acquire some damage and lose some of its shine over time naturally. To keep your pieces in the best condition possible you will need to visit a jewellers from time to time to have the pieces professionally cleaned. However, with proper care at home, you can extend its life by following these few simple steps below. 

How to take care of your jewellery?


The first and most important tip when it comes to taking care of your jewellery is to be mindful of how you wear it. Avoid wearing your jewellery to the beach or if you’re generally going swimming. The salt or chlorine water and humidity can speed up the tarnishing process of your pieces, while the beach sand will inevitably scratch your pieces. The same goes for going to the gym or exercising. Our sweat contains salt which may damage the jewellery in the long run so take any necklaces or rings off before working out. It will also be way more comfortable. If you still want to look fashionable make sure to take the jewellery off and store it in a soft cloth bag or a ziplock bag to keep them safe.

jewellery box


When it comes to storing your jewellery ultimately its best to keep the pieces in separate compartments in a soft lined jewellery box. If you don’t have a jewellery box you can store them in the boxes the piece came in or in soft cloth bags or ziploc bags. This will protect the pieces from moisture and light. 

Some metals and gemstones require different storage to keep them in optimal condition. Pearls will need to be stored away from light. Make sure the box or bag they are in isn’t airtight as that might dry them out and make them brittle. It’s good to store gold away from other jewellery. Gold is a softer metal and can be easily scratched. If possible store each gold piece individually or in its own jewellery box to avoid damage. 



The best tip for cleaning jewellery is to keep it simple. You can use a soft cloth or towel and some warm water to wipe down your pieces after wear. For a deeper clean if the jewellery is made of precious metal you can use mild soapy water to clean them off and pat them try with a soft towel. Avoid any materials that are too abrasive and stick to microfiber, cotton or specialised jewellery cloth. For costume jewellery, it’s best to avoid soap as to not damage or take off any coating. If the piece has a lot of crevices and nooks you can put the said piece in a bowl of soapy water for a few minutes, then rinse it off and pat it dry. Do not use this method with pearls or any other porous materials however as they might retain too much of the water and it will damage the jewel/ material. Instead, dip a soft fabric in the mixture and wipe them down then “rinse” them by wiping them with a cloth dipped in water and let dry before putting them away. 

How to take care of your jewellery?

What To Avoid

If you want your jewellery to retain its quality for longer there are a few things you should certainly avoid. Keep gemstones away from direct sunlight. The sun will damage any coloured gemstones and make them go cloudy and dull. Any jewellery should also be kept away from chemicals. This includes perfumes and cosmetics. When applying perfume spray it and wait for it to dry it before you put your jewellery on. Avoid storing your jewellery neat any abrasive surfaces or materials as well as try to keep them away from humidity and water. It’s best to store your jewellery box in a dark closet or a shady corner of your bedroom and away from the bathroom. 

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