Jewellery Charms Inspired by Nature

A charm bracelet is a great way to start a trend in gifts for friends and family, as for those special occasions a charm is a great addition to their bracelet. At James Moore, we stock a variety of different charms from different brands each with their own inspiration in terms of style. Today we are taking a look at charms which are inspired by nature from Thomas Sabo and Chamilia.


Chamilia was founded in 2002 in New York with an aim to supply women with a variation in style for jewellery. Since then the brand has been bought by Swarovski which took place in 2013. Chamilia’s ethos is to provide jewellery which is inspired by our hearts, reflecting a passion for living. With this, their aim is for women to be able to purchase jewellery which is relevant to their life and circumstances. If you have a Chamilia charm bracelet or have bought one for your friends and family, and they also happen to have an interest in nature then Chamilia have a selection of different charms inspired by nature.


charms inspired by nature

Their nature charms feature a range of floral styles and animals, these can be personalised to a specific month which makes for a great birthday present.

Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo’s charm collection was introduced in 2006, they have updated their collection with new styles each every since. With their collection there is a charm for every occasion from a wedding, a christening to mothers day or the birth of a child. Thomas Sabo have created a vast range of charms that can be unique for each individual which means that animal lovers can get a charm of their favourite animal and nature loves can also pick from a range of different plant and flower designs.

thomas sabo

If you liked any of the charms or collections mentioned in this blog then please don’t hesitate to get in contact via our website or via phone on 01926298499, happy shopping.

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