Jewellery For June

Pearl Jewellery For June: Birthstone of the Month

Being born in the summer has a lot of advantages. You’ve always been able to celebrate your birthday in the best weather, having fun with friends and family until the small hours of the night. Adventuring has always been at your fingertips. Going to the beach and feeling the sun’s warmth is probably the best part of summertime, feeling the heated sand on your skin and the refreshing salty ocean breeze fill your lungs. 

The pearl fits perfectly as the birthstone for the first summer month. Symbolizing new beginnings, it is the promise of excitement and exploration. Pearls have been considered a valuable gemstone for thousands of years and their mystery and beauty has been the subject of many myths and legends. Pearls come in a variety of colours and shapes making them versatile and highly sought after. 

Due to the fact, not every shell has a pearl inside, they have become synonymous with rarity, understated beauty and wealth. As birthstones, they are symbols of success, fortune and harmony. Likened to the moon, pearls are also considered a metaphor for purity and innocence. This association was probably made through the moon’s connection with the ancient Greek virginal goddess of the moon and hunt Artemis. Because of their symbolism, worth and uniqueness, pearls make wonderful presents, for others or for yourself. If you’re looking to give a gift that will be cherished for years to come, below are some of our suggestions.

Treasure House 9k Yellow Gold Drop Pearl Earrings ER1143

Jewellery For June

Everyone should have a set of pearl earrings in their collection. This Treasure House pair is sure to elevate any look and focus all of the attention on you. The clasps are made of 9 karat yellow gold and each earring features a teardrop-shaped white pearl. The set might be subtle but it exudes sophistication and brings a classic tone to any outfit, making it ideal for any occasion.

Thomas Sabo Flower Charm White 925 Sterling Silver/ Freshwater Pearl/ Zirconia 0767-167-14

This delicate charm from Thomas Sabo is for those who like pearls and appreciate their beauty but want to keep their look modern and trendy. The charm clasp and the metal the pearl and flower are set in is sterling silver. The freshwater white pearl has a soft slightly irregular drop shape, giving the charm intrigue and showing off all of its multitude of beautiful colours in any light. The flower is made of zirconia and adds a touch of shine to the design without overwhelming the pearl. 

ChloBo | Champagne Kisses | Pearl Necklace | 50-59cm | SNCHAMPAGNE

If you believe that elegance should be subtle and implied the ChloBo Champagne Kisses necklace is just the accessory for you. Blush coloured pearls and sterling silver beads are mixed to create a sleek and fashionable look. The necklace length is adjustable through a sterling silver link chain for more comfortable wear and decorated with a star at its end. This piece is sure to bring a touch of sophistication and make you unforgettable.