Jewellery For Weddings

Jewellery For Weddings

Weddings are one of the best occasions to dress up. Whether you are the mother of the bride or a friend of the family, jewellery is a sophisticated way to accessorise your outfit. You may be having a traditional wedding or a themed wedding, either way we have some recommendations on jewellery for weddings.

Jewellery for Weddings- Watches

Jewellery For Weddings

If you are anyone but the bride a watch can be useful on a wedding day. The bridal team especially so that they can keep the bride on schedule throughout the day. Watches make great accessories not only because they tell the time but also as they can adapt to your style.

Rotary Women’s Havana Mother Of Pearl Watch

Rotary Havana

This watch is sophisticated in style and can be worn not only for a wedding but thereafter. The good thing about Rotary Watches is that they can be worn for both casual everyday wear as well as formal occasions. This is due to their innovative design which shows off a mother of pearl dial and crystal bezel. This watch will certainly catch the eye of your friends and family.

Mockberg Sara Watch


Nude is one of the most popular colours to wear to a wedding, especially in the spring and fall seasons. Nude as a colour is not usually worn as a dress style it a colour that is best worn with accessories such as a watch, bag, shoes or even make up. This particular model is elegant in style and would be well matched with shoes and a belt in this colour to match.

Seiko Women’s White Dial Black Leather Strap Watch


If you would rather have an accessory that has more of a classic design then this Seiko might be the right choice for you. This watch has a bold black leather strap and a white dial. The dial features classic roman numerals, a style that is well suited for a mature lady.

Jewellery For Weddings- Pearls


Pearls are more of a traditional look for a wedding day. They are both sophisticated and elegant in style and can be incorporated in bracelets, necklaces or earrings. As pearls are a neutral colour it means they can be styled to a variety of looks.

Skagen Pearl Earrings

Skagan Earrings

These earrings are sleek in design. They can be worn for the formalist occasions or just to spruce up your daily outfit. The good thing about buying wedding jewellery is that you can wear it more than once and for more than one occasion. They are a fine combination of cream pearls and silver stainless steel.

Skagen Pearl Necklace

Skagan Necklace

If you are the kind of girl that like to have matching accessories then this necklace is the perfect match for the earrings previously mentioned. They shows off a simular style to the earrings, not over complicated in design but still complimentary to your attire.

Skagen Ladies Stainless Steel Sea Glass Ring 

Skagen Pearl Ring

This is the third and final piece of pearl jewellery in this set. It is simular to the previous pieces by Skagen however it is adorned with pearls and crystals. It is a glamorous finishing piece to your jewellery accessories for a wedding day.

Jewellery For Weddings- Diamonds


Diamonds might seem like an obvious choice for a wedding as they are tradition after all. These little gems are perfect for a mother of the bride that wants to match her daughter or even the bridesmaids.

Certified Diamond Earrings Wigwam 0.66ct H SI Screw Back Fittings

Diamond Earrings

These earrings are truly exquisite in their design and quality. Diamonds are not the cheapest of accessories which is why for those that like to feel secure these earrings have screw back fittings. They aren’t the kind of earrings that you wear once, they can be continually worn for a variety of occasions.

All of the items mentioned on this blog are currently in stock. If you have any questions regarding jewellery for weddings then you can contact us via phone or alternatively visit us in store.

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