Peridot Jewellery for August: Birthstone Of The Month

Peridot Jewellery For August: Birthstone Of The Month

The gemstone for the month of August is unsurprisingly peridot. Peridot is a beautiful vibrant green gem, lighter in colour to emerald. Its delicate beauty makes peridot a perfect crystal to be used in jewellery. Though not as valuable as diamonds, sapphire or rubies, peridots are a semi-precious gemstone that will surely inspire peace and balance within your life. Like people born in August, this dazzling stone will bring happiness and good cheer to its wearer. 

Physical Properties

Peridot is extremely unique. This semi-precious stone is one of the only two which have been observed to form in molten rock in the upper mantle, not in the Earth’s crust like most other gems. Another uncommon trait is that peridot is amongst a handful of gems which only come in one colour. The intensity and hue of the olive-green colour depend on the percentage of iron present in the gemstone. This means that although peridot might not come in different colours different stone will vary in hue from yellowish-green to brownish-green. A stone with a pure olive green with not yellow hue is rare, however, it is possible. 

Peridot is a magnesium-rich variety of a stone called olivine. Due to its susceptibility to weathering and the surface of the Earth’s unstable nature, gem-quality peridots are rare. Most peridots are found as small grains. Peridot can also be found in meteorites. 

Spiritual Properties

Peridot is known as the stone of compassion and was believed to be able to cure illness and depression in the Middle Ages. For these reasons, it is seen as being able to bring good health and peaceful sleep to the wearer as well. Due to its symbolic link with compassion, peridot is said to be able to bring harmony to any relationship by balancing emotions and calm anger though allowing you to see the other person’s point of view. This belief that the stone has the ability to balance emotions might also be where the view it can cure depression comes from. 

Peridot Jewellery for August: Birthstone Of The Month

Elements Gold 9k Yellow Gold Peridot Teardrop Pendant Only GP460G

Ancient Romans believed that peridot is at its strongest and works the best when its set in gold. They considered gold an amplifier for the stone’s abilities. This beautiful teardrop pendant by Elements Gold is delicate and understated. The peridot stone is set in 9 karat yellow gold. If the ancients are to be believed, this enchanting stone will keep you focused, motivated and bring you only happiness. 

swarovski bracelet

Adore By Swarovski Mixed Crystal Bar Bracelet Rhodium Plated 5375517

As mentioned above, peridot that has gem-quality is rare and difficult to come by. If no real peridot jewellery is catching your eye or if it’s a bit out of your budget you can still get the look with this stunning bracelet from Adore by Swarovski. The bracelet is plated in rhodium and features 7 multi-coloured Swarovksi crystals in a variety of cuts. Sporting a fun youthful design, this bracelet is sure to help you stand out. Two of the gems resemble peridot while the blue crystals at each end invoke sapphires which is the birthstone of Virgo’s, one of the August zodiac signs.

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