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Picking Out Your Wedding Ring: Finish

So far in our wedding ring series, we have taken a look at three components of choosing the perfect wedding ring; metal, profile and style. The fourth and final element of picking out your wedding ring is the finish. The can affect the overall appearance and can give your wedding band an individual and unique look. Here are six different wedding ring finishes, some are newer to the market than others.


Mirror: This is a finish that is easily distinguished. The mirror finish is achieved by a high polish which gives the wedding band an overall reflective shine. It is a classic and sophisticated style that is well suited for those seeking a traditional look.

Fine Matt: This is one of the newer finishes that you can choose for your wedding ring and is not as common as the mirror finish. This look is achieved by scratching the metal slightly to achieve a misty look.

Stardust: As the name suggests, this finish results in a sparkling stardust effect. This type of finish is the perfect set up for a diamond and will certainly be an eye-catching design. It is created with a high polish combined with rough texturing.

Hammered: If you would prefer your wedding ring to have more of a textured style then the hammered finish is what we would recommend. Hammered metal offers a multi-facet texture which can reflect the light from all angles.

Coarse Matt: This is a finish that is not as common as the others mentioned. It is contemporary and well suited for those that are looking for something a little different. Similarly to fine matt, coarse matt also has a scratched surface, however, coarse matt is more obviously marked.

Sandblasted: The sixth and final type of finish recommended as a style for wedding bands is the sandblasted finish. This style of finish is highly textured as it is applied to a high-pressure sandblaster for a modern contemporary twist.

If you have any questions regarding the finish of a wedding band then please don’t hesitate to get in touch or alternatively leave your questions in the comments below!