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Picking Out Your Wedding Ring: Profile of the Ring

If you are currently planning your dream wedding and still seeking out the perfect ring then you are in the right place. As it is wedding season, we have put together a four part blog series which will help guide you through the important decisions when it comes to picking out your wedding ring. In our last blog post we looked at the types of metal that your ring can be made from, today we are taking a look at the profile of the ring.

Profile of the Ring

This is often a decision that is overlooked, however, this is regarding the shape and style of your wedding band. Here are the different shapes and styles that your wedding ring can come in.

Court: If you prioritise comfort over looks then this is the ring profile for you. The round soft edges of this shape mean that the ring can sit snug around your fingers. The court profile is one of the most popular choices within the market.

Flat Court: Like the look of the court profile above but would rather stand out from the crowd? We would recommend a flat court profile. The rims at the top and bottom of the band are flat which gives the allure of a modern style and bold piece of jewellery.

Concave: This ring profile is not the most popular choice within the market currently. The concave shaped ring is targeted at those looking for a wedding ring that stands out with more of a textured look. 

Flat: The flat profile wedding ring is for those striving for a modern look. It is a chunky, square looking band that is flat on all sides. The overall look of this profile projects an edgy and contemporary style.

Halo: Are you looking for a profile that is classic and contemporary in style? Then we would suggest the halo band. This is a profile that has been used for centuries, the all round style is easy and simple to design.

D-shape: The sixth and final wedding band profile is the D-shape. As with the court style, it is a very popular choice for wedding bands. This is mainly due to the comfortable style of the band which consists of a flat inside and a rimmed outside.

If you have any questions regarding the shape of your ring then please don’t hesitate to get in touch or alternatively let us know any queries you have in the comments below!