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Picking Out Your Wedding Ring: Style

If you have been following our blog recently then you may already be aware of our wedding ring series, in which we help you make the important decisions about the type, profile and style of your wedding ring. These small decisions will ultimately affect the rest of your life as the ring that you choose you will be wearing for many years to come. In the last blog post we took a look at different ring profiles for your wedding band, however, today we are taking a look at the different styles that you can have.


This is a choice that will really make your wedding rings your own. There are six main styles that your wedding ring can come in, each giving the ring your own personal touch.

Plain: This is a popular choice within the jewellery market and offers a traditional style. If the style that you are striving for is simple yet elegant then this is what we would recommend.

Shaped: The shaped style is designed purely for those who want their wedding ring to fit perfectly with your engagement ring. It is recommended to get a shaped ring if your wedding ring is quite large as then you can achieve a sleek and subtle look.

Gem set: If you are looking to add something extra to your wedding look then a gem set style is the way to do it. This is the recommended style for those that have a simple engagement ring, therefore a gem set wedding ring can give you an added sparkle.

Duo-Tone: If you are still deciding between two different tone metals then a duo-tone wedding band might be the answer. As it states in the name, a duo-tone ring combines two different metal colours. This is useful for those that have jewellery of more than one colour as your engagement ring will suit more of your everyday wardrobe.

Inlay: If you are looking for a style that stands out and is unique then an inlay ring might be the perfect match for your wedding ring. This style combines ceramic with wood together for a modern and contemporary style.

Engraved: Perhaps you are wanting to truly personalise your wedding ring. If that is the case then this is the style we would suggest. The engraving could be each other initials, a special message or the wedding date.

Which style do you prefer out of the options above? Let us know in the comments below!