Red Watches For Her

Red Watches For Her

If you are a regular follower of fashion then you may already be aware of the fashion colours on trend for this season. Red is one of those colours this 2019. Red is a colour that can be adapted to many different outfits and occasions, therefore, having a red accessory in your wardrobe could be your secret to success this season.  If you are a fan of the colour red or want to keep up with the fashion trends this season then we have picked out some red watches for her.

Red Watches For Her

Lacoste Moon Small Red Leather Strap Silver Dial 


If you prefer accessories to show off a simple style then this may be the timepiece for you. Lacoste is well known for their simplistic yet attractive designs and this timepiece is no exception. It features a red strap combined with a silver case and of course the golden crocodile logo that is iconic to the brand and their long history. This watch would look good in both a formal work setting as well as casual occasions.

Jean Paul Gaultier Women’s Index G Red Leather Strap Red Dial

Jean Paul Gaulteir

Jean Paul Gauliter is a french designer brand well known for their edgy and old designs. This watch shows off the brands unique style with a red and black colour combination across the strap and dial of the watch. This watch is suited to those that strive for an edgy fashion style for example grunge or punk and is suited to those looking to add a bit of colour into their everyday look.

Cath Kidston | Women’s Cherry Happy Watch | Red Leather Strap

Cath Kidston

This is a sweet and simple watch designed by the iconic brand Cath Kidston. Cath Kidston is a British brand, not only creating accessories but also home ware and clothing pieces. This sweet watch features a red strap with a white dial which also has cherries on it. It is perfect for the spring and summer months as it can add a splash of colour to your summer look.

Coach Womens Modern Luxury Red Leather Strap Watch


Our fourth and final recommendation on red watches for her is this timepiece created by Coach. It is not over complicated in design, featuring a red leather strap and white dial within a silver case. This is an elegant and sophisticated watch that would work well within a work or formal environment.

What are your thoughts on red watches this season? Let us know in the comments below!