Ruby for July: Birthstone of the Month

Ruby Jewellery for July: Birthstone of the Month

Rubies are one of the rarest and most precious gemstones. Their beauty has been revered throughout the ages, long before diamonds gained their popularity and took the position of “most precious gem”.  Ever since antiquity, especially in East and South Asia, rubies have been seen as holding incredible properties. In some cultures, the gemstone, also known as the King of gems, has been associated with the Sun and the element of fire and so it has been linked to power, passion and health.

Physical Properties and Quality 

Rubies are the sister gem of sapphires. The ruby is the pink to deep red variation of the mineral corundum, all other varieties are referred to as sapphires. There are debates in American gemological circles at what point a pink ruby actually becomes a pink sapphire. Different experts agree on different hues, however, this distinction has been implemented fairly recently in the 20th century. Due to these disputes, the definition of ruby has been broadened to include all pink and red shades of corundum. It is generally accepted that the deeper red the ruby is the more valuable it is. Rubies get their stunning colour from the interaction of the element chromium with the corundum. The most precious and desired shade is called “pigeon’s blood” red. 

Ruby’s quality is evaluated, like all other precious gems, based on the 4 C’s – colour, cut, carat and clarity. The most important factor for rubies, however, is the colour. The closer to blood-red the gem is, the higher it’s value. When it comes to clarity, you will not find a natural ruby without imperfections. The gemstone often has rutile inclusions, also known as “silk”. Rubies are often heat-treated to remove the silk and improve their colour, so an untreated gemstone with a minimal amount of silk is considered highly valuable. 

On the Mohs scale of hardness, rubies, alongside sapphires, come second only to diamonds with a hardness of 9.0. This makes the jewel extremely durable and appropriate for jewellery and decorations as it could not be scratched or chipped by anything other than a diamond or another corundum variant. 

Symbolism and Spiritual Properties

Due to its connection with the sun, the ruby is seen as possessing abilities relating to passion, power, healing and love. In ancient China and India, they used to be seen as status symbols. Through its connection to fire and blood, rubies were used to adorn military uniforms. They were thought to be able to invigorate one’s energy and restore youth and vitality to those who wore it. It was also seen as a stone which could bring luck and courage to its owner. 

Rubies are also associated with passion and love, which make them a perfect replacement for the traditional diamond engagement ring. Rubies were seen as a bringer of passion as well as a stone which could aid in the resolution of disputes and reconciliation. Ruby jewellery makes a great present for a loved one, especially for anniversaries. Ruby is the stone connected to a 15th wedding anniversary. A 40th wedding anniversary is also called a Ruby Anniversary and is traditional to gift rubies as a present. 

Ruby Jewellery for July: Birthstone of the Month

Treasure House 9k Yellow Gold Ruby Diamond Cluster Ring RD280R

This stunning ruby ring is a unique alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring. Ideal for those who prefer something off the beaten path. The luxurious halo design of the ring will leave all those who gaze upon it in awe. The 9 karat yellow gold band complement the rich red colour of the jewel. The oval ruby is surrounded by clusters of diamonds, which highlight its brilliance and create a breathtaking design. 

ruby heart earrings

Elements Gold 9k Yellow Gold Ruby And Diamond Heart Drop Earrings GE2284R

Show that special someone in your life how much they mean to you with these dazzling earrings. The design of this set of heart-shaped drop earrings is delicate and classy, while still making a statement. This piece is made of 9 karat yellow gold. Ruby gems are surrounded by diamonds to create an elegant heart design. Attention-grabbing, these earrings excuse power and sophistication in the most feminine way.

drop ruby necklace

Elements Gold 9k Yellow Gold Ruby And Marquise Diamond Pendant Only GP2163R

This marvellous pendant by Elements Gold would make a great gift for any special occasion. The drop design of the necklace is refined and timeless. Its high-end design is achieved through the combination of marquise diamonds and rubies. The pendant is made of 9 karat yellow gold. Consisting of 3 marquise cut rubies surrounded in a halo by clusters of diamonds, the design will add a classy touch to any formal outfit.

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