Sapphire Jewellery For September: Birthstone Of The Month

Sapphires have been treasured for centuries for their deep rich colour. They are a variation of the crystal corundum, another variation of which comes in red and is called ruby. Though sapphires are primarily known to be blue they come in various other colours such as yellow or green. Sapphires are the third hardest gemstone making them perfect for jewellery as they’re unlikely to suffer any wear damage. 

Historically sapphires have been held in high regard as ancient people believed the gemstone was connected to the heavens. Sapphires are also found in the Old Testaments and it’s believed that the Stone Tablets on which the 10 commandments were written were made of sapphire to reflect God’s throne and their connection with the divine. Sapphires are said to possess protective properties. Spiritually they are seen as a stone of joy, health and prosperity. 

Sapphire Jewellery For September: Birthstone Of The Month

Elements Gold 9k Yellow Gold Sapphire Band Ring GR536L

The design on this ring is simple and charming. Its understated silhouette doesn’t take away from its sparkling nature. The simple 9 karat gold band is set along half of its length with sapphires. This ring can be worn on its own or stacked with other lager rings. Its thin band makes it perfect to be paired with other jewellery for a more dazzling look or unaccompanied to add a more natural shine to our outfits. 

Sapphire Jewellery For September: Birthstone Of The Month

Treasure House 9k White Gold Diamond Rubover Sapphire Ring RD441WS

Why not surprise your significant other for their birthday, or in general, with this stunning halo style ring. A proposal is sure to make any birthday unforgettable. An oval cut sapphire is surrounded by a halo of diamonds. The band is made of white gold. To add even more brilliance to the design, diamonds have been set along to the part of the band running towards the gems in the middle. 

sapphire studs

Treasure House 9k White Gold Octagon Sapphire Diamond Stud Earrings ED251WS

These earrings are high-end and sophisticated. Their design is traditional and classic and perfect as an accessory for formal events. An octagon cut sapphire is set in a halo of diamonds. The studs are made of 9 karat white gold. This stunning pair is sure to bring and keep all the attention on you. 


Treasure House 9k Gold Diamond & Sapphire Pendant PD252S

This beautiful pendant is perfect for a present or as a treat for yourself. Its fluid silhouette makes it perfect to be worn as an everyday piece as well as an elegant addition to any formal outfit. The teardrop cut sapphire is set in the middle of the tear-shaped pendant. This gives the illusion the gem is suspended mid-air. The pendant is made of yellow and white gold with diamonds set on one side of the piece. 

Sapphire Jewellery For September: Birthstone Of The Month

Treasure House 9k Yellow Gold Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring RD217PS

If you’re not much of a fan of blue, why not consider a pink Sapphire. As we mentioned before sapphires and rubies are different colour variations of the same crystal. There’s some debate whether the pink versions of the gemstones are sapphires or very light rubies, but it’s widely accepted that they are indeed sapphires. So in that spirit, for those who prefer muted pinks rather than vibrant blues, we suggest this beautiful 9 karat gold ring. 5 pink sapphires are set into the band. Diamonds are set in between each sapphire and elevate the design.

Which one of these sapphire jewellery pieces is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.