Sterling Silver Jewellery Recommendations 2020

Silver has been used in jewellery and as currency since antiquity. It was one of the first metals discovered by our ancestors and has since been used to make everything from solar panels to tableware. Still one of the most common uses for silver remains jewellery, due to its high reflective properties. Sterling silver is an alloy of 92.5% silver and 7.5% of another metal, usually copper. This percentage is also where the marking of 925 comes on silver jewellery. This increases silver’s strength and hardness. Silver alongside metals like gold and platinum are considered precious metals. Below we’ve created a list of sterling silver jewellery recommendations. Whether as an everyday accessory or for a formal event, these pieces will become your new favourite. 

Sterling Silver Jewellery Recommendations

ChloBo Lucky Star Hoop Earrings | Sterling Silver SEH2066

This ChloBo pair of earrings is casual and youthful. They are a great piece of jewellery to be given as a present or as a treat for yourself. Each hoop features an 8 point star attached to it. Both the stars and the hoops are made of polished sterling silver. If you want to diversify your style, the stars can be taken off so you can wear just the hoops, or for a highly on-trend look, remove just one star and wear them as a mismatched pair. 

Sterling Silver Jewellery Recommendations

Thomas Sabo Glam and Soul Sterling Silver Ring 54 D_TR0007-765-14-54

For a more elegant sterling silver piece we suggest this beautiful ring by Thomas Sabo. The band is left simple so the full focus can be on the centre. A delicate freshwater pearl is set in the middle of the band. Surrounding the pearl is a halo of diamonds. Glamorous and feminine this ring is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. 

heart necklace

ChloBo | Womens | Silver Patterned Heart| Chain Necklace SNBB691

This beautiful necklace by ChloBo is fantastic for layering. Down the length of the chain are featured small beads spaced out evenly. The pendant at the bottom is a heart. The heart features an intricately detailed design. Wear this necklace as a symbol of hope and love and as a reminder to stay kind to yourself.

radley disk bracelet

Radley Jewellery Sterling Silver Heart Disc Bracelet RYJ3079

This Radley bracelet is simple with a touch of Radley charm. The cable chain is secured by a lobster clasp in the back. In the center of the bracelet is featured a disk with the Radley brand name. A small, dainty heart crystal in light pink is set in the middle of the disk. 

Sterling Silver Jewellery Recommendations

Olivia Burton | Rainbow Bee | Baguette Bar | Silver | Bracelet | OBJAMB79

If you’re after something more colourful, this Olivia Burton bracelet is perfect for you. Though still elegant, it’s distinctive design will complement any outfit. In a typical Olivia Burton fashion, the design of the bracelet has a young playful tone. The baguette bar in the middle is set with crystals in a variety of colours. Their hues are light and create a subtle rainbow. A 3D bee is attached to the cable chain. The bracelet is adjustable for a comfortable secure fit.

Which of these sterling silver jewellery recommendations is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.