Trending:Gold Jewellery for Summer 2020

Trending: Gold Jewellery for Summer 2020

Rose gold has dominated the jewellery industry for the past few years but no more. One of the largest emerging trends from 2020 fashion shows is gold jewellery for summer. The return of yellow gold isn’t surprising. Humanity has used gold since antiquity. It’s believed that gold is one of the earliest metals used by humans. Traces of gold being used have been found as far back as 40,000 BC. Symbolising status, luxury and wisdom, it’s no surprise that society and fashion keep gravitating to it. As timeless as gold is it’s unlikely it will be unseated from its position at the top of fashion trends. 

Trending:Gold Jewellery for Summer 2020

Treasure House 9k Yellow Gold Claddagh Drop Earrings ES539

A beautiful traditional design is given a modern twist. Be fashionable, while still showing pride in your heritage with these 9 karat yellow gold drop earrings. The design is a combination of the ancient triquetra, also known as the trinity knot, and the Claddagh. The Claddagh represents a pair of hands holding a heart with a crown and holds the meaning of love, loyalty and friendship. 


Treasure House 9k Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings 40 mm ER1007-40

Another re-emerging trend is hoop earrings, the bolder the better. The hoop earring trend can be worn in a variety of patterns and materials, but there is no better combination than with gold. If you like to keep things classy and elegant we suggest these 9 karat Treasure House hoops. Their paired back design makes the earrings appropriate to be worn for any occasion.

peony art

Guess Women’s ‘Peony Art’ Gold Cut Out Bangle UBB29105

This bangle from Guess with its delicate and unique design is sure to bring interest to any outfit. The design is subtle, but it will definitely guide everyone’s attention to you. Made of stainless steel, the bangle is gold plated and offers a more affordable yet just as stylish option to other solid gold bangles. 

chain bracelet

Elements Gold 9k Yellow Gold Link Bracelet 19cm GB466

“Statement” was a word often used on this year’s runways. When it came to jewellery designers looked for bold pieces that are sure to stand out and make a statement. Chains, especially big bulky chains, were often spotted during the fashion shows. Become a part of the trend in a more subtle way with this bulky 9 karat gold chain link bracelet from Elements Gold. The classic design will ensure you’re following contemporary fashions, but will also guarantee the timeless appeal of the piece so you can year the bracelet for years to come.

gold pearl

Elements Gold 9k Yellow Gold Baroque Pearl And Diamond Pendant Only GP2171W

Pearls have been named as the gemstone of the season. Featured on the runways often, either as embellishments on clothing or in accessories, the traditional pearl, like gold, is making a whirlwind comeback. If you want to incorporate pearls in your wardrobe but find traditional pearl jewellery too old fashioned, we suggest this delicate diamond and pearl pendant from Elements Gold. The irregular shape of the gemstone brings a sense of modernity, while the diamonds set into the bail give the design a more refined look.

What is your favourite trend so far in 2020? Let us know in the comments down below.