Women’s Jewellery Styles: Bohemian

An essential part of any girls wardrobe is her accessories. Accessories not only add to an existing style, but also have a style of their own. The bohemian clothing style consists of free flowing fabrics, textured layers and floral prints. The style is inspired by the fashion of the swinging sixties and usually consists of a variety of pastel colours and different types of fabrics. Bohemian jewellery on the other hand can feature symbols and other unique patterns, its style stemming from a more ethnic touch.

Today we are looking at jewellery, however we also have recommendations for watches which suit the bohemian style which you can click here for more information.



The first brand on our recommendations for bohemian jewellery is ChloBo. They were founded in 2006 by Chloe Moss. Her jewellery is inspired by her travels around the globe, more specifically, Bali. They are a brand local to the UK as they set up their first retail store in Chester which is now the hometown and headquarters of the brand. The bohemian styled jewellery that ChloBo fashion feature crosses, angel wings, tassels and other symbols of karma on rings, bracelets and necklaces.

Thomas Sabo

thomas sabo

The second brand on our list is Thomas Sabo, who have been making and selling jewellery since 1984. Their creativity is reflected in their elegant, edgy look which, like ChloBo, draws inspirations from symbols such as the wheel of karma. This is not only reflected in their vast jewellery collection, but also their watch collection which is for both men and women. Their jewellery collection ranges from rings, necklaces, bracelets and a vast charm collection which has recently been relaunched for a refreshing bohemian style.

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