Zodiac Sign Jewellery

Zodiac Sign Jewellery

2000 years ago, astrology was the same as science as we know it today.  The zodiac (as in name) actually derived from the Greek word that meant ‘circle of animals’. Since it began, the Zodiac signs have been used to reflect characteristics and the personality traits of the individual. There are 12 zodiac signs across the 12 months and they are split into four elements; earth, fire, water and air.

The earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. As the same suggests they are the kind of people that bring us back down to earth. They are fairly emotional people and are known to be realistic and conservative. The water signs are Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. Those whose sign is water are mysterious and intuitive in nature. They are also known to be highly emotional, loyal and incredibly sensitive. The fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Those that are part of the fire signs are known to be dynamic and passionate. They seek adventure, forgive easily but also have a short temper. Lastly, the air signs are Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. They are known to be rational and highly sociable, one of their strengths being communication. The air signs are good at giving advice but can be superficial.

If you have a keen interest in the Zodiac signs and would like to wear a piece of jewellery that represents your personal sign, here are the charms we currently have available.

Zodiac Sign Jewellery


Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

If you are born as an Aquarius then you are a deep thinker who can be highly intellectual. They are great problem solvers as they are able to see both sides of a situation. An Aquarius does not like limitations as they have an overriding desire for freedom.

Chamilia Charms Zodiac – Aquarius Hanging Charm


As the Aquarius sign means water bearer this charm shows a pot of water being emptied.  It is simple in design and also features the name Aquarius across the charm.

Thomas Sabo Zodiac Sign Aquarius Sterling Silver Blackened Zirconia


This charm shows off more of a vintage style with a merman on the centre of the charm. It also has an added sparkle with it being adorned with white stones. This charm is intricate in design and would be perfect as a birthday gift.


Pisces (February 19- March 20)

You know when you are in the company of a Pisces as they are known to be friendly and socialised with a variety of different personalities. They are particularly selfless o you know you can count on them in your hour of need. Pisces are also artistically creative and use as their guide to life.

Chamilia Charms Zodiac – Pisces Hanging Charm


As you may already know, Pisces is the sign of the fish, one of the most recognised Zodiac charms and this is featured in Chamilia’s Pisces zodiac charm. It clearly shows the name of the star sign within its understated design and retails at only £35.

Thomas Sabo Zodiac Sign Pisces Sterling Silver blackened zirconia 1639-643-21


Thomas Sabo is well known for their detailed and elegant designs. if your charm bracelet or a friends charm bracelet is already filled with sophisticated looking charms then this will be a fitting addition to your bracelets. This beautiful charm retails at £69.


Aries (March 21- April 19)

Aries is one of the more dynamic signs, as part of one of the three fire signs. They are known to be energetic and seek competition in their everyday lives. Aries are excellent at organising and talented at multitasking.

Chamilia Zodiac – Aries Hanging Charm


The design of this charm features a flying ram, particularly accurate for those that are Aries. It clearly shows the name of the zodiac sign and is clear in design rather than overcomplicated.

Thomas Sabo Zodiac Sign Aries Sterling Silver Blackened Zirconia


This charm is similar to the previous design by Chamilia, instead of showing the flying ram head on. The metal is darker in design and retails at £69.


Taurus (April 20- May 20)

Those who fall under the Taurus star sign are known to be practical as well as grounded, this also coincides with their sign being part of the earth signs. Although a Taurus is stubborn, they are also hardworking and committed to their everyday work and lifestyle.

Chamilia Charms Zodiac – Taurus Hanging Charm


The Taurus star sign is represented by the bull and this is clearly featured on this eye-catching charm. As with the previous zodiac sign jewellery mentioned in this blog, the name of the sign is clearly shown within the design.

Thomas Sabo Zodiac Sign Taurus Sterling Silver Blackened Zirconia


As with the previous Chamilia charm, this Thomas Sabo shows off the head of a bull surrounded by stars, retailing at a reasonable £69.


Gemini (May 21- June 20)

Gemini’s have an open mind which makes them talented artistically not only in terms of drawing but as writers and journalists too. They are particularly sociable and good at making new friends as well as being quite a curious character.

Chamilia Zodiac-Gemini Hanging Charm


Gemini’s are represented by the caring twins which themselves represent the blossoming relationships among friends and more, this is shown beautifully on the Chamilia charm with the two heads of the caring twins.

Thomas Sabo Zodiac Sign Gemini Sterling Silver Blackened Zirconia 


This charm by Thomas Sabo also shows the caring twins within the circular charm except this charm is more intricate design compared to the simplicity of the Chamilia charm.


Cancer (June 21- July 22)

Those born within the Cancer sign are guided by their heart and emotions and can often find it hard to find themselves within society. They are known to be kind and considerate to others and strive to avoid conflict.

Chamilia Zodiac- Cancer Hanging Charm


The cancer zodiac sign is represented by the brave crab and this is featured on the Chamilia Cancer charm along with a starfish and the name Cancer making it easily recognised.

Thomas Sabo Zodiac Sign Cancer Sterling Silver Blackened Zirconia


This charm is dark and sophisticated in style, also showing off the brave crab surrounded by stars filled with white stones for an added sparkle.


Leo (July 23- August 22)

Leo’s are often recognised as natural leaders due to their self-confidence. They are also warm-hearted and have good self-awareness, you know when you are in the presence of a Leo as they aren’t afraid to ask what they need.

Chamilia Zodiac-Leo Hanging Charm


Leo is represented by the lion in the cave which is known for bravery. This oval charm features a lion wearing a crown as well as pretty stars surrounding it.

Thomas Sabo Zodiac Sign Leo Sterling Silver Blackened Zirconia


This charm shows off the lion in the cave and also has stars with white stones surrounding it. Zodiac charms are wonderful gifts for any occasion and a great addition to any themed Thomas Sabo bracelet.


Virgo (August 23- September 22)

You won’t get much past a Virgo as they pay attention to the finest detail and are natural analysts. They are a strong-minded character and maintain a well-organised life with room for adventure.

Chamilia Charms Zodiac- Virgo Hanging Charm


The disappointed goddess represents the Virgo Zodiac who came down to earth with the intention of being good. The goddess is the main feature of this charm in a vintage style.

Thomas Sabo Zodiac Sign Virgo Sterling Silver Blackened Zirconia


This zodiac charm is bold in design, beautifully conveying the disappointed goddess in another vintage style. This charm also shows off contemporary features such as the stars with white stones for added glamour.


Libra (September 23- October 22)

Those born with a Libra star sign, part of the air signs, are peaceful and like to avoid being alone. Partnership is a desire that Libra’s strive for as well as seeking balance in their life.

Chamilia Charms Zodiac- Libra Hanging Charm


It is the measure of souls that represent the peaceful personalities of Libra’s which is accurately depicted with the weighing scales in the centre of this charm accompanied by flowers.

Thomas Sabo Zodiac Sign Libra Sterling Silver Blackened Zirconia


Accompanying the theme of measuring souls, Thomas Sabo has also featured scales to show the balance of life and Libra’s in more of a vintage style.


Scorpio (October 23- November 21)

Scorpio’s are compassionate and assertive with the power of determination right behind them. They are resourceful and well aware and will keep your secrets if you confide in them.

Chamilia Zodiac- Scorpio Hanging Charm


Scorpio, as the name suggests, is represented by a scorpion which is the centre of this charm. It comes with simple features which makes the scorpion stand out all the more.

Thomas Sabo Zodiac Sign Scorpio Sterling Silver Blackened Zirconia


The Thomas Sabo Zodiac sign collection is more subtle in design using just the picture of the sign, this understatement makes this zodiac sign jewellery all the more elegant and desirable.


Sagittarius (November 22- December 21)

Sagittarius’s are curious and energetic in nature. They are the most likely to travel out of the 12 zodiac signs due to their optimism and open mind that seeks change and new experiences.

Chamilia Zodiac- Sagittarius Hanging Charm


It is the archer which represents the Sagittarius zodiac sign which explains the bow and arrow which is featured on this charm. It is accompanied by stars and dots which symbolise the sky, a simple yet beautiful representation of this zodiac sign.

Thomas Sabo Zodiac Sign Sagittarius Sterling Silver Blackened Zirconia


This Thomas Sabo charm shows off a similar design to the previous charm mentioned, the bow and arrow surrounded by the stars of the sky, in more of a vintage style.


Capricorn (December 22- January 19)

The final zodiac charm is of course Capricorn. Capricorns and responsible and often traditional and relatively serious in nature. They are also independent in both their working life and personal life.

Chamilia Zodiac – Capricorn Hanging Charm


The symbol that represents a Capricorn is the goat which is featured on the centre of this charm. The zodiac sign is also easily recognised with the Capricorn name across the top of the charm.

Thomas Sabo Zodiac Sign Capricorn Sterling Silver Blackened Zirconia


This charm also features the goat in more of a vintage style. It is adorned with stars surrounding the goat with glittering white stones.

If you have any questions about zodiac sign jewellery then you can contact us via our website, via phone or alternatively you can visit our local jewellery store based on the Kenilworth high street, happy shopping!