Buying Radley Jewellery This Christmas

Buying Radley Jewellery This Christmas

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Radley knows who they are and they’re not afraid to show it. The brand’s jewellery pieces are fun and quirky. Subtle playful elements in their designs are subdued by clean minimalist silhouettes ensuring the final product is classy, not childish. A truly versatile brand, Radley has a wide range of styles and models, allowing anyone to find the right piece for themselves. Inspired by the mischievous nature of its mascot the Scottie, the brand continues to amaze with fresh distinctive designs. If you know a person who likes to express themselves and does not compromise their character for anyone, consider buying Radley jewellery this Christmas. 

Buying Radley Jewellery This Christmas

Radley Jewellery Sterling Silver 18ct Rose Gold Dog&Coloured Stone Stud Set RYJ1142

As we’ve mentioned before, mismatched or mix & match earrings are gathering more and more popularity amongst the fashion world. Whether to achieve a more fun or a more edgy look, it looks like the trend is here to stay. This unlocks so many possibilities when it comes to presents. Gift your loved ones the chance to mix & match their pieces or to wear them as they are with this colourful Radley set. The set includes 2 pairs of studs. The first pair are studs in the shape of Radley’s iconic Scottie dog head silhouette. The second studs are hearts set with multi-coloured crystals. Both pairs are made of sterling silver and plated with 18 karat rose gold. 

stay magical radley

Radley Jewellery Stay Magical | Silver Rose Quartz Stud Earrings | RYJ1101

If you know someone who will appreciate something simpler, we suggest these magnificent studs. The simple earrings, part of the brand’s Stay Magical line, are made of sterling silver. Encased inside silver is a piece of rose quartz. Two small stars feature on the design as well. The colour of the quartz and the positioning of the stars evokes the image of looking towards a beautiful sunset. 

Buying Radley Jewellery This Christmas

Radley Jewellery Sterling Silver 18ct Rose Gold Double Hoop Bracelet RYJ3084

This bracelet features a classic Radley design. The piece is made of sterling silver and is plated by 18 karat gold. Each side of the chain ends in a hoop. The hoops intertwine in the centre. One hoop is set with multi-coloured crystals while the other features the Radley brand name. 

dog in a basket necklace

Radley Jewellery Silver Dog In Shopping Bag Necklace RYJ2047

If you’re looking to buy a piece for someone younger we suggest this adorable necklace. They are sure to appreciate its playful design. At the end of a silver chain hangs a silver and enamel pendant. The pendant design features a bag or a basket which is coloured with beige enamel. Inside the bag on one side are flowers and from the other sticks out a white Scottie dog head. 

Buying Radley Jewellery This Christmas

Radley Jewellery Silver Heart, Moon And Star Charm Necklace RYJ2043

Casual and perfect for a day to day accessory, this charming necklace will become an instant hit. Made from sterling silver, from the chain hang 3 pendants. One of them is a crescent moon, the other one- an 8 point star and the last one is a heart engraved with the Radley brand name. The moon and the star pendants each feature a small crystal set in the centre. A Scottie dog head is attached to the chain a bit of a distance away from the rest of the pendants.

What is the jewellery brand you always go to when buying for a gift? Let us know in the comments below.

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