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Watch Servicing and Repairs at James Moore Jewellers

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We understand at James Moore Jewellers that your watch is an important asset that needs taking care of. To make sure that your watch is working at its best it does need regular maintenance which is why we offer both watch servicing and repairs. To extend the lifespan of a watch and improve functionality, brands often suggest servicing your watch every three to five years. We have been in the watch and jewellery industry for 25 years and have a team of in house experts that are qualified to service and repair your watch.

Watch Servicing – What We Do

We are proud to be able to service all brands of watches, from the brands we sell in store including Rolex, Omega, and TAG. Servicing a watch consists of taking the watch completely apart and assessing each of the parts to make sure that the watch is working well. Once the parts of the watch have been inspected then are then oiled and put back together again. This is a thorough process, however, very beneficial. The price of servicing a watch can range between £100-500 depending on the make of the watch and takes anywhere between 4-8 weeks to complete.

Watch Repairs – Our Services

We offer a range of different watch servicing and repairs starting with simple issues such as changing a battery which starts from £5 to water pressure test which is from £35, again depending on the brand of the watch. If you are having problems with your timepiece then don’t hesitate to bring it in store so a member of our team can assist you with the next steps of repairing of servicing your watch. We are located on the Kenilworth high street which is in the heart of Warwickshire which is also accessible to those further a field in Leamington Spa and Stratford Upon Avon.