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Jewellery Cleaning at James Moore Jewellers

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We all have a few treasures in our jewellery box that we like to keep in good condition. Over time jewellery can build up on dirt and silver can tarnish which means it might not look as good as when you first bought it. If your jewellery piece is made from gold, silver or platinum then we offer three jewellery cleaning services. However we don’t offer services for base metals, titanium or palladium. We offer general jewellery cleaning, jewellery polishing as well as rhodium plating.

Jewellery Cleaning

We clean many items of jewellery including rings, bracelets, necklaces and more. Our cleaning service starts from £10 depending on the size of the piece and is cleaned using an ultrasonic machine. The machine contains a jewellery cleaning solution combined with water and it vibrates, shaking the dirt of the jewellery.

Jewellery Polishing

We also offer a jewellery polishing service, again polishing a variety of different jewellery types. A polish and clean of a piece of jewellery starts from £15 and takes place on a jewellers polishing wheel. We use a specialist polishing compound which is specific to each type of metal that is being polished.

Is there a jewellery repair guarantee?

Our rhodium plating service starts at only £45. Our jeweller will firstly clean the ring and make sure it is highly polished then they will place the jewellery into the rhodium plating machine and it will thereafter look good as new. Rhodium plating tends to be for metals such as white gold and platinum to gives them a refreshed and new look. This process generally takes an hour as we offer a 1 hour service, subject to appointment. If you have any questions or queries regarding jewellery cleaning then you can contact us via phone or if you would like a consultation regarding your piece of jewellery then you can visit our jewellery store based on the Kenilworth high street, Warwickshire.