Chamilia Christmas Charms

Chamilia Christmas Charms

We all have a member of the family or a friend that adores Christmas, in my family it is me! There is something warm and special about the Christmas season. Perhaps it’s the hot chocolates by the fire or the gift of giving. If you have a charm bracelet (specifically a Chamilia charm bracelet) then you know that these bracelets are personal to you and your experiences. If you are a huge fan of Christmas like myself you can add Chamilia Christmas charms to your attire. Here are our recommendations.

Chamilia Christmas Charms

Chamilia Candy Cane

Candy cane charm

Candy canes bring a sense of joy and happiness to Christmas. Not only do they add the Christmas tree as cute decorations but they also make an extra addition to your Christmas gift bundle. Personally I like attaching mine to Christmas cards as a little extra. This Chamilia Christmas charm shows off the Christmas season well with the silver, gold and red colour combination. A cute addition to any Chamilia charm bracelet.

Chamilia Fancy Stocking

Christmas stocking charm

When I think of Christmas, the first image that comes to mind is stockings hanging from the fire place. The good thing about stockings is that they are personalised to you so they can be whatever colour you fancy, mine happens to be purple. This particular stocking charm comes in green, red, blue and silver; all the colours of the Christmas period.

Chamilia Mr Snowman

Snowman Charm

The UK has seen it’s fair share of snow during the winter months in the last few years, however, it is not a guarantee around the seasonal month of December. If you are not from the UK and you do see snow during this time of year then this may be the Christmas charm for you. Although snow is not always part of Christmas, it certainly iconic of the season shown on Christmas cards, wrapping paper and more.

Chamilia Walrus Santa’s Hat Charm 


If you are looking for a Christmas charm that is a little different then we may have just the charm for you, Chamilia’s Walrus Santa hat charm! Your first thought might be, how does a walrus relate to Christmas? Whilst the only connection that I make with a walrus and Christmas is that they come from a cold environment, it is of course the novelty that counts.

All of the Chamilia Christmas charms mentioned on this blog are currently in stock and under £50. If you have any questions then you can contact us via our website, via phone or leave a comment below!

What is your favourite part of Christmas?