Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings

So you decided to pop the question? Or perhaps you are thinking about it and want to make sure you find the right ring? The day that you propose to your loved one will be a memory that stays with you forever and having the right ring means everything. One of the first deciding factors when choosing a wedding ring is of course your budget. We have a selection of diamond engagement rings both in store and online however if you aren’t feeling the traditional diamond engagement ring then take a look at our guide on coloured engagement rings.

It was in the 1920’s that diamond engagement rings became the tradition as we know it today, influenced by artists such as Marylin Monroe, after all diamonds are a girls best friend! If you are on the hunt for the perfect diamond engagement ring then here is a guide on the different types of ring we offer.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire rings are the most simple out of all of the rings we offer here at James Moore Jewellers. These rings generally have a simple band with a square front facing diamond, the different in the rings we supply being the cut and clarity of the diamond stone.

James Moore Jewellers Recommends: Certified Diamond 0.41ct H SI1 IGI Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

Diamond ring

This ring is for those looking for a ring with a medium budget. It is perfect if you are looking for a ring which is minimalist in design but no less beautiful

Twisted Solitaire Engagement Rings

These are similar to the design of a Solitaire however the diamond is tiled to the side. It is well suited if your loved one has a style which is sophisticated and elegant. We have a selection of twisted solitaire rings which again differ in their cut and clarity.

James Moore Jewellers RecommendsCertified Diamond 0.30ct D SI1 IGI Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond Ring

This stunning ring is well suited to those that are looking to propose with a smaller budget in mind. Although the cut and clarity is not the same as some of the higher priced rings it is still exquisite in taste and design.

Three Stone Engagement Rings

if you know that you would like a diamond ring however you are looking for a ring which has that extra special sparkle then we would recommend a three stone engagement ring.

James Moore Jewellers RecommendsCertified Diamond 0.61ct H SI1 IGI Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond Ring

As it states in the title, this ring has three diamonds on it. Although the band itself is simple, the three diamonds on this ring make it something special. This ring is suited if your budget is on the higher end of the spectrum.

Halo Engagement Rings

The final of our diamond engagement ring categories is our halo engagement rings. These rings are my favourite out of the four options and is purely down to the design. Halo rings feature a larger stone in the centre surrounded by smaller diamonds.

James Moore Jewellers RecommendsCertified Diamond 0.30ct D SI1 GIA Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond ring

This ring is beautiful in design and a slightly different design to the more traditional solitaire ring and it is a ring which will certainly catch the light. This halo diamond ring is for those looking for a ring on a lower budget.

All of the diamond engagement rings mentioned in this blog are currently in stock in store and online. Stay tuned for more engagement and wedding guides!

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