Engagement Rings For A Winter Proposal

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Winter is such a romantic magical time of year. The cold weather promotes closeness. Having time to spend with friends and family, to relax reminds us of what’s truly important. With the end of the year approaching you start to think about your future and what the next step moving forward is. This leads a lot of us to consider starting a family and what a better time than winter. These engagement rings for a winter proposal will take your significant other’s breath away. We have selected them as their brilliance and beautiful colours will always remind your partner of the moment you proposed.

Engagement Rings For A Winter Proposal

LM 0.65ct Diamond (G SI1) 18ct White Gold BJR0078

You can never go wrong with a beautiful diamond engagement ring. The glamorous design makes it perfect for someone who appreciates luxury. Its 18 karat white gold band is set with diamonds along the top. A halo of diamonds surrounds the central gem which appears like it’s suspended in the halo’s middle. 

Engagement Rings For A Winter Proposal

Treasure House 9k Yellow Gold Diamond Opal Ring RD299O

This opal ring is unique and unusual. Opals are associated with love and faithfulness, making it the perfect engagement ring gem. The opal’s white colour and dazzling iridescence evokes the image of freshly fallen snow. Atop a 9 karat yellow gold band sits an oval cut opal stone. The yellow of the metal beautifully complements the shimmering stone’s hues. On either side of the stone are featured two leaf-like shapes set with diamonds.  

sapphire ring

Elements Gold 9ct White Gold Sapphire And Diamond Twisted Ring GR468L

Before diamonds were popular, there were sapphires. This deep blue gem sits atop a twisted 9 karat white gold band. The shanks twisted around the sapphire are set with diamonds for an added sparkle. Sapphires are said to bring good fortune to its wearer and are associated with hope.

aquamarine ring

Treasure House 9ct White Gold Diamond & Oval Aquamarine Ring RD476WAQ

This gorgeous aquamarine ring has an elegant contemporary design. The oval-cut gemstone’s light blue colour and brilliant shine makes it appear almost as if a piece of ice is set into the ring, not a gem. Aquamarine is said to inspire in the wearer truth, trust and calm. Diamond set waves surround part of the gemstone on either side. 

tanzanite ring emerald cut

Tanzanite & Diamond Ring FCD00434

Tanzanite is one of the two gemstones for the month of December. If you’re planning to propose on your partner’s birthday, tanzanite is the gemstone for you. Named after Tanzania, the only place it’s found, tanzanite is said to help in communication especially when it comes to expressing one’s emotions. The emerald cut of the gemstone highlights the ring’s  elegance. A round-cut diamond is set on either side of the gem. The band is simple white gold in order to accentuate the tanzanite’s elegance and its colour.

Engagement Rings For A Winter Proposal

Treasure House 9k White Gold Diamond London Blue Topaz Ring Rd453wlb

This Treasure House ring is sure to make a statement. The band is made of 9 karat white gold. A halo of diamonds surround the blue topaz gemstone in the middle. The topaz has a trillion cut, which is one of the more popular cuts at the moment. A trillion-cut gemstone makes an ideal central gemstone. Its unusual stands out and also makes the gemstone appear larger on the hand.

What do you look for in a ring when it comes to engagement rings for a winter proposal? Let us know in the comments below.

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