Floral Jewellery

Floral Jewellery

Flowers are such an integral part of our day to day life and our understanding of beauty. When we see flowers of any kind we think of femininity and sophistication. For centuries flowers have become an integral part of many cultures. We prescribe so much meaning to flowers that in the Victorian era, a “language” of a sort was developed around the meaning of flowers. You could express many things through the flowers you put in a bouquet or the bloom you wore on your lapel. Though these days we don’t stick to these rules so rigidly, still to this day you give someone a red rose to express love. Flowers have undoubtedly left their mark on us as humans. Though when it comes to fashion, the floral pattern trend comes and goes, the practice of using flowers to adorn ourselves will never go out of style. Below we have listed a few designs we think you should consider if you’re looking for floral jewellery. 

Floral Jewellery

Guess Peony | Gold Plated Open Bangle UBB79167-L

This is a delicate and sophisticated bangle design by Guess. The bangle is made of stainless steel and is plated with gold. It’s left open in the middle which makes the design easily adjustable. At the opening are featured two peony flowers. Peonies are said to bring prosperity and good fortune to the wearer. They also signify compassion.

swarovski eternal

Swarovski | Eternal | Flower Bangle | Yellow | Mixed Metal 5542012

An elegant and dazzling design, this Swarovski bangle is sure to add just the right amount of shine to your wardrobe. The entire length of the silver-plated bracelet on the top side has been expertly set with crystals. In the middle, there is a shining daisy. Each petal of the petals has been set with 3 crystals varying in size and in the centre to signify the middle of the flower is a yellow crystal. Daisies symbolize the positivity of new beginnings.

orla kiely

Orla Kiely Womans Sterling Silver Flower Choker Necklace N4043

If you’re after more simple floral jewellery we would like to suggest this choker by Orla Kiely. The choker has 5 flowers with a very minimalist design. Each flower features a stone in the middle. The choker and the flowers are made of sterling silver. The streamlined flower design and the warm brown and dark colours of the stones have a distinct 70s tone. Even though the necklace has a defined vintage look, the choker maintains its modern appeal. 

Floral Jewellery

Swarovski | Eternal | Flower Pierced Earrings | Mixed Metal Finish 5512655

These shining drop earrings are anything but subtle. Part of Swarovski’s Eternal collection, these earrings are playful and sophisticated. The beautiful design represents a daisy from which are falling petals. Into the silver-plated backing are set crystals of various sizes to add depth to the design. At the bottom of each earring is attached a drop-shaped crystal. 

leaf ring

Thomas Sabo Ring White 925 Sterling Silver Gold Plated Rose Gold/ Zirconia TR2017-416-14-54

After a more subtle design? This ring by Thomas Sabo will still show off your love for nature in a more understated way. The design of the ring represents a plant or a branch from which stem a number of flowers. The style looks as if it’s wrapped around your finger. Each leaf is set with a zirconia crystal. The ring is made of sterling silver and plated in rose gold.

What do you think of your suggestions for floral jewellery? Let us know in the comments below.