Gifting Men's Jewellery This Christmas 

Gifting Men’s Jewellery This Christmas 

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For years jewellery such as bracelets and necklaces have been seen as a primarily feminine accessory. Men haven’t been encouraged to wear jewellery or accessories in ways past a wedding band or cufflinks. In the past 2 decades, however, with fashion progressing, more and more options have become available for men. This holiday season don’t stay away from gifting men’s jewellery this Christmas period. Surprise the men in your life with these fantastic pieces.

Gifting Men's Jewellery This Christmas 

Treasure House Silver Satin 6 mm Wedding Band X G7181

A ring with a plain band is the perfect place to start when it comes to men’s jewellery. Whether you’d like to replace your significant other’s precious wedding band and offer them an everyday alternative or you want to guide them on the way to accessorizing more, this Treasure House band is perfect. The simple band is made of sterling silver. The brushed surface of the ring gives it a more casual subdued look. 

boss bangle

BOSS Jewellery Insignia Bangle Stainless Steel Rooftop Bangle For Him 1580134-M

Elevate your style with this simple Boss men’s bangle. The piece is made of stainless steel with a brushed effect. A ridge is featured in the middle of the bracelet. The bangle is perfect for stacking. It has a distinct industrial design and a masculine silhouette.

Gifting Men's Jewellery This Christmas 

Paul Hewitt Phrep Silver Anchor Black Leather Bracelet Large PH-PH-L-S-B-L

This Paul Hewitt bracelet is made of black leather. A long cord has been braided and folded to create a double layer bracelet. A sterling silver anchor acts as the closing. It’s engraved with the Paul Hewitt name. The bracelet has a sliding piece which ensures the piece is secured onto the wrist.

Gifting Men's Jewellery This Christmas 

Tommy Hilfiger | Stainless Steel Skinny Dog Tag Necklace | 2790169

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the leading brands in men’s jewellery. A traditional necklace type for men is a dog tag. Popularized by the military, the traditional dog tag contains personal and medical information of the wearer in case of emergency. The box chain of this Tommy Hilfiger necklace is made of stainless steel. The tag features the brand’s initials and stripes in their colours run down the tag. 

thick chain

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Dressed Up | Stainless Steel Chain Bracelet 2790258

Chunky chains are one of the biggest trends this autumn. This bracelet is made of brushed stainless steel. It’s large links will add a high-fashion look to any outfit. The closure of the bracelet features the Tommy Hilfiger logo. 

What do you think of gifting men’s jewellery this Christmas? Let us know in the comments down below.

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