Halloween Themed Charms

Halloween Themed Charms

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Halloween is a time for everyone to have fun. It allows us to have a few days of joy and playful silliness ahead of the more stressful holidays approaching. Costumes, candy and some tricks are at the heart of the season so why not celebrate and mark the occasion. There’s always something to celebrate and as the year winds down take this time to reflect and acknowledge those who really matter around you. Whether for yourself, a friend or your little one, these Halloween themed charms below are sure to bring a smile on everyone’s face and extend the Halloween spirit by at least a few fun-filled days. 

Halloween Themed Charms

Thomas Sabo | Moonphase Charm | Blackened Sterling Silver | 1753-637-21

This year something extraordinary is happening on Halloween. For the first time in 19 years we will see a Blue Moon on Halloween. The term Blue Moon, used in this context, refers to the second full moon in a single month. For October the first full moon of the month was on the 1st. Mark this rare event with this witchy moonphase charm by Thomas Sabo. The design represents a disk with the moon phases engraved around its periphery. In the middle is featured a sun with rays design. Each moon phase is separated from the next by a shooting star-like design.

turkish eye

Thomas Sabo Turkish Eye Charm Blue 925 Sterling Silver Cold Enamel 0829-007-1

If we go back to what Halloween originated as, it was a festival to protect from phantoms and against evil. Jack-o-lanterns, costumes and leaving candy out were all meant to confuse or scare away evil spirits. The Nazar Boncuk charm also known as the Turkish eye charm, is a blue bead, onto which is painted a blue eye. When worn, the eye is meant to protect you and ward against malevolent intentions. This Turkish Eye charm by Thomas Sabo is made of sterling silver and the eye is in enamel. 

black cat charm

Thomas Sabo Cat Charm Black 925 Sterling Silver/ Zirconia 1015-051-11

What’s more Halloween than a black cat. Black cats are most commonly associated as the familiars to witches. In modern times they are typically seen as bringers of bad luck. However, British sailor a couple of hundred years ago brought black cats on board with them as bringers of good luck. This charming cat silhouette is understated and would fit perfectly into any charm bracelet. The pendant is made of sterling silver. It’s set with black zirconia crystals for a touch of glamour and sparkle. 

Halloween Themed Charms

Thomas Sabo Cat Charm 925 Sterling Silver 1337-001-12

Another cat charm, however this one is decidedly more subtle and delicate. If you’re after a charm which would be perfect to be worn on your everyday bracelet, this is the perfect one for you. Its design represents the silhouette of a sitting cat with its tail wrapped around it’s paws. The charm is made of sterling silver. This charming piece is a must have for any cat lover. 

Halloween Themed Charms

Thomas Sabo Skull Gold Plated Sterling Silver Charm 1549-413-39

If you’re after a charm that definitely screams Halloween, we suggest this skull charm. The piece is made of sterling silver and is plated in yellow gold. Some cultures view wearing a skull image as a celebration of life. If a man was to wear it, it also symbolised strength. The Victorians also used to wear skulls as a symbolic reminder of the inevitability of death in what was called Memento Mori

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