Jewellery Trends For Autumn 2020

Jewellery Trends For Autumn 2020

Autumn is finally here and so are the Autumn/Winter fashion trends for 2020. It appears that the moto coming off the catwalk this year has been “bigger is better”. Large, elaborate jewellery has ensnared the minds of designers and critics alike. Dominating the scene completely, it looks like more brands are starting to lean towards maximalism. To help keep you up to date with all the going ons from the catwalk, below we have curated a list of the biggest jewellery trends for autumn 2020.

Jewellery Trends For Autumn 2020

Large Gems

Larger than life jewels and gems are in. Don’t be afraid to be bold and make an unforgettable statement with your jewellery choices. The more sparkle and shine the better. Large vibrantly coloured precious gemstones make the perfect counterpart to the earthy colour palettes and textures of the season. 

Jewellery Trends For Autumn 2020

Thomas Sabo 925 Sterling Silver Blackened Ring, Green Stone TR2264-348-7-54

This gorgeous green and magenta Thomas Sabo ring will establish itself as your new favorite accessory for the season. The simple sterling silver band is offset by the large emerald cut green gemstone in the middle surrounded by a halo of magenta crystals. The colour combination though unusual creates an attractive whole and highlights the vibrancy of each gem. 

choker in leaves


Chokers have once again become popular. In the past few years they have been inevitably trivialized, however, autumn 2020 is re-introducing them into the realms of high fashion as a powerful statement accessory. An ideal piece of jewellery to either tone down or elevate your wardrobe, chokers are fun and versatile. 


Swarovski Tennis Deluxe | Rhodium Plated | Mixed Choker | White 5562084

This brilliant choker is elegant and playful. Wearing this you won’t need any other accessories. White Swarovski crystals are set along the length of the choker. The Rhodium plating on the metal adds an even more glamorous shine to the piece. 5 crystals, all cut differently, hang from the main choker leaving the appearance of water droplets on the skin. Ensure you’re noticed with this exceptional luxurious choker.

steel avant garde

Silver Sculpture

Big, bold and bulky seem to be the pervasive trends this season. In a complete turn to this summer’ trends, silver is once again rising in popularity. It seems with the return of the colder months, designers are looking for cooler tones in their jewellery pieces. Avant-garde almost sculpture-like pieces are leading the movement and promoting a distinctly futuristic style. 

Jewellery Trends For Autumn 2020

Calvin Klein | Statement | Stainless | Steel Drop Earrings | KJALME000100

These chunky earrings by Calving Klein are undisputedly modern and fit the sculpture trends of the day perfectly. The earrings are made of stainless steel. Their drop design is reminiscent of a chain due to the way steel rings compromising the earrings. Combining two of the biggest trends this autumn, this contemporary pair will make any simple outfit instantly current and fashionable. 

Which of these jewellery trends for autumn 2020 are you most likely to follow? Let us know in the comments below.