Matching Your Jewellery To Your Skin Undertone

If you wear jewellery often you probably gravitate towards one type of metal or one colour of the metal. Whether it was because you think gold looks horrible on you or because people only compliment you when you wear silver jewellery, on a certain level you have already determined your undertone. When we talk about warm, cool or neutral undertones, we talk about the underlying colour that gives your skin its hue. It does not depend on your skin’s surface colour but more on the underlayers of your skin. Matching your jewellery to your skin undertone will make the jewellery stand out as well as accentuate the beauty of your skin. 

gold jewellery

Warm Undertone

People with warm skin undertone have a more yellow or golden tint to their skin. Their complexion is often described as peachy. One of the ways to tell if you have a warm undertone is to look at the veins on your wrist in the daylight. They would have a green hue rather than blue. Another way is to compare how different shades of white clothing look on our skin. If creams and off-whites look better, you most likely have a warm undertone. For your undertone, gold jewellery looks best. It will bring out those gold undertones and simply make your complexion glow. 

Matching Your Jewellery To Your Skin Undertone

Treasure House 9k Yellow Gold Claddagh Creole Earrings ER070

The Claddagh is a traditional Irish symbol. Its design originated from a 17th-century ring and comes from a small Irish village of the same name. The design holds deep symbolism of love, friendship and loyalty behind it. If you want to show someone with a warm undertone you care about them, these exquisite gold earrings by Treasure House will make the best present. 

olivia burton bee

Olivia Burton You Have My Heart | Rose Gold/Grey Huggie Hoop Earrings OBJLHE43

As a person with a warm undertone rose gold will be your best friend. Its warm peachy undertones will add softness to your complexion and ensure you look dazzling. The playful design on these rose gold plated sterling silver huggie hoops. They have a fun youthful design. A rose gold bee and powder blue enamel heart charm dangle from the hoop. 

Matching Your Jewellery To Your Skin Undertone

Cool Undertone

Cool undertones are flattered by silver and white gold. “Whiter” metals make the skin appear brighter and more radiant. A skin with a cool undertone will have a pink, blue or reddish tint. You can test for a cool undertone in similar ways you would test for a warm undertone. When exposed to sunlight however your veins will appear blue. When compared to white fabric, bright whites and true whites will look best. When trying to determine, you can also think back on your tanning experiences. Do you burn easily or never tan and have to apply a lot of sunscreen to protect yourself from burning? If the answer is yes, you have cool-toned skin. 

Matching Your Jewellery To Your Skin Undertone

Treasure House 9k White Gold Knot Twist Stud Earrings ER530W

If you’re after an everyday piece, these Treasure House earrings will highlight and brighten our skin. Their simple design makes them ideal for both everyday life and special occasions. Having a cool tone doesn’t mean giving up your love for gold as these knot studs are made from 9 karat white gold. 

moon and stars chlobo

ChloBo | Womens | Silver Moon And Star | Chain Necklace | SNBB580

This necklace has a dainty and feminine design. The sterling silver chain features evenly spaced beads down its length adding interest to the design. The pendant represents a crescent moon. Three stars are stacked between the points of the crescent completing the design. The necklace’s magical design will surely make your complexion stand out and shine like the moon. 

mixed jewellery

Neutral Undertone

If you have a neutral undertone you’re one of the lucky ones. Your neutral undertone means you don’t need to worry about what jewellery or makeup you use as both look good. A neutral skin tone is a combination of both cool and warm tones. If looking at your veins you can’t tell if they’re blue or green, or if they appear an olive colour, you have a neutral undertone. Any shade of white will suit your skin and when exposed to the sun you might burn if you don’t use sunscreen and it eventually turns into a tan. When it comes to jewellery, golds bring out the warm tones in your skin and silvers make your skin brighter so you can freely mix and match depending on your mood.

opal ring

Treasure House 9k Yellow Gold Diamond Opal Ring RD299O

This beautiful ring combines 9 karat yellow gold with cool-toned diamonds. When it comes to mixing tones, this also applies to gemstones. Opals are beautiful multi-coloured stones. They will make an ideal gemstone for someone with a neutral complexion as all the different colours in the stone will complement your skin. The opal is the central gem, surrounded by diamonds set into the band next to the stone. The band is simple, classic and made of yellow gold. 

Olivia Burton | The Classics | Silver Rose | Interlink Circle | Necklace | OBJ16ENN53

Your neutral tone allows you to play around with metals freely. Use this to your advantage and mix your metals. This Olivia Burton necklace is clean and classic but the mix of rose gold and silver adds interest. Ideal as an everyday necklace, its mix of colours ensures it will not clash with your outfits. The design represents two intertwined rings made of sterling silver and plated in rose gold, symbolizing unity. The rolo chain is in sterling silver. 

What do you think of matching your jewellery to your skin undertone? Let us know in the comments below.