Men's GPS Watches

Men’s GPS Watches

You may already be thinking, why GPS watches? Getting a watch with GPS function probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you are looking for the perfect timepiece. They have a variety of different uses for those that take part in outdoor activities such as running, hiking, cycling and many other sports. Watches have gained a lot of momentum in the last decade as they are catching up with the fad of smart technology which is embedded into almost everyone’s daily lives.

With that in mind you might also be wondering why do I need a watch with GPS function when I already have a smart phone? Convenience. You phone usually lives in your pocket, and if you are trying to navigate, especially on a bike or up a steep climb, you phone will get in the way if you have to hold it in your hands. Having a watch on your wrist which you can constantly track is easier and means you can also save the battery on your phone for other things. If this sounds like a feature you would look for in a watch then here are our recommendations on men’s GPS watches.

Men’s GPS Watches

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music HR GPS Black Smartwatch 


This watch is highly functional and produced by a reputable watch brand, Garmin. This is smartwatch which has GPS function among other features such as the ability to play music, sleep monitor and touch screen. It is bold in both design and function showing off an all black strap and case made from a durable rubber. If you are looking for a watch that is suited to both indoor and outdoor activities on a budget then this watch which retails at £299 might be for you.

Suunto Traverse Alpha Woodland


This watch was built for adventurers, a perfect combination of style and function. It comes with a 24 hour sub dial, alarm, altimeter and of course is GPS controlled which is well suited for outdoor activities such hiking and fishing. The style of this watch matches the elite function with a strong grey case and bezel with a camo strap. This watch is suited to those looking to purchase a watch in the medium price range as it retails for £399.

Polar M430 White Rubber Sports Watch


If you are a running fanatic and you are looking for a timepiece that is compatible with your lifestyle then this is the watch for you. It comes in a white rubber strap which is durable and contemporary in style. This watch is of course GPS controlled which means it is well suited to the running lifestyle as you are able to plan the routes you want to take. This watch is on the lower end of the spectrum in terms of price and retails for £174.

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