Rare Emeralds Discovered in 400-year old Shipwreck expected to make Millions.

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Rare Emeralds Discovered in 400-year old Shipwreck expected to make Millions.

Emeralds are one of the four most recognisable gems in the world, and if you are fan and happen to have a few spare million lying around then this is the news for you, after all diamonds aren’t the only gem which is a girl’s best friend. Cleopatra was well known to wear emeralds in ancient Egypt hinting at there already popular past but this isn’t the only bit of history we have in store for you today.

The Marcial de Gomar Emerald Collection is up for auction in New York in April and part of this stunning collection was discovered in a shipwreck which sunk in 1622. In !985 a treasure hunter found these rare and exquisite emeralds, making it the most valuable shipwreck known in history.

Emeralds are found and mined all over the globe, the most famous being the mines in colombia. The deeper the colour of an emerald the more valuable it is.

The collection which is up for auction includes 20 cut and raw stones and 13 beautiful pieces of jewellery, which was compiled by Marcial de Gomar who is an emerald specialist and has thrived in a long career in the emerald industry.

Emeralds shipwreck

(picture found: http://www.guernseys.com/v2/gomar.html)

The heart of this collection is the 887 carat La Goria which is known to be the largest star emerald ever to be found, and one of only 11 star emeralds that exist. Guernsey’s bills this as ‘one of the largest museum-quality emeralds in the world’ and the estimated price for this stone is between $4-5 million.

This collection also features the nine pillars of Andes, which is a group of rough emerald stones totalling at 91 carats and estimated at a price $2.5-3.5 million!

Here is a sneaky peak at some of the collection:

Tears of Fura

Emeralds shipwreck3

(picture found: http://www.guernseys.com/v2/gomar.html)


Emeralds shipwreck4

(picture found: http://www.guernseys.com/v2/gomar.html)

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