Trending: Charm Bracelets

Trending: Charm Bracelets

Rejoice as charm bracelets are back in style. In the early 2010’s when charm bracelets were at the height of their popularity, everyone, from children to adults, had one on their wrists. Now they’re back thanks to one of the world’s biggest fashion brands, Dior, introducing charm bracelets during its Autumn/Winter fashion shows. Charms are a fun way to express your personality and your interests as well as be a record of the experiences you’ve had over the years. Their versatile and personal nature makes them the gift that keeps on giving. 

Trending: Charm Bracelets

ChloBo Women’s | Positive Vibes | Bracelet SBMULCC

If you like the look of a charm bracelet but you’re more of a grab-and-go type of person and you don’t have time to personally curate one, we suggest the ChloBo Positive Vibes bracelet. The bracelet is made of sterling silver pumpkin and rice beads. It features 7 charms representing each of the chakras. Get connected with yourself and the universe.

ankh charm

Thomas Sabo Cross Of Life Ankh With Scarab Sterling Silver Charm 1551-637-21

Looking for something a bit more unusual? This Thomas Sabo Ankh charm is perfect for you. The Ankh also called the key of life is an ancient Egyptian symbol and hieroglyph symbolising life in all its many forms, both physical and spiritual. The horizontal line on the ankh is replaced by wings and in the middle, below the loop, is a scarab beetle, which symbolises the sun god Ra. The charm is made of sterling silver. 

Trending: Charm Bracelets

Thomas Sabo Butterfly Charm 925 Sterling Silver 1038-001-12

Delicate and distinctly feminine, this charm is for those who want something more subtle. Its dainty design will uplift anyone’s day, whether as a reminder of the warmer months or as a display of your love for butterflies. The charm is made of sterling silver and is skeletonised highlighting its simple yet refined design. 

rabbit charm

Thomas Sabo Rabbit Charm 925 Sterling Silver Cold Enamel 0819-007-12

Another fantastic idea for these bracelets is using charms in order to commemorate and honour a favourite pet. This rabbit charm’s design is sweet and youthful. It’s made of sterling silver and has enamel on the tip of the nose and the eyes of the rabbit. 

Trending: Charm Bracelets

Thomas Sabo Turtle Charm 925 Sterling Silver Cold Enamel 1222-007-12

Are you passionate about ecology, ocean preservation and the conservation movement? Showcase your passion for the environment with this charming turtle pendant. Made of sterling silver, the charm features tribal-like designs on its back. 

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