Turquoise and Tanzanite Jewellery For December: Birthstone Of The Month

Turquoise and Tanzanite Jewellery For December: Birthstone Of The Month

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Unbeknownst to many, four of the month in the year have more than one birthstone. March, June, October and of course December. It’s not entirely known why this has happened. Some believe it was done in order to offer a different or a more cost effective option for the month where the gemstone was rarer. Others believe it naturally occurred over time through different traditions blending together and instead of one gemstone being replaced by the other they both became popularized. For the month of December the birthstones are turquoise and tanzanite. Both gemstones are popular for their attractive vibrant blue colour and make the perfect winter pair. 


Turquoise and Tanzanite Jewellery For December: Birthstone Of The Month

Turquoise is an opaque mineral. The stone is used mostly in jewellery and ornamentation and is greatly valued for its vibrant blue-green colour. It’s a secondary mineral and forms during the oxidation of other stones. Due to its formation and its other properties a turquoise colour can widely vary. The familiar “turquoise” colour we know could also vary in hues but the blue is thought to be due to idiochromatic copper while the green can be either due to iron impurities or dehydration of the stone. Hardness and colour are it’s most valued characteristics. A solid uniform colour is sought after. Depending on the black veins through the mineral might decrease its value or they might not affect it. It is, however, rare for the black vein pattern on the stone to increase its value. 

Turquoise might be one of the first stones used by humanity for decorative purposes. Generally protective properties have been prescribed to it. The Aztecs saw it as a stone of personal protection and would add it to armour and shields. Calming properties are also attributed to the stone. 

Turquoise and Tanzanite Jewellery For December: Birthstone Of The Month

Thomas Sabo | Sterling Silver | Turquoise Charm Bracelet | X0271-646-7-L19V

This Thomas Sabo bracelet is subtle and simple. Perfect for everyday casual wear, the charm bracelet is made of sterling silver. 5 charms have been incorporated into the design. A silver disk with a sun-like design and a cubic zirconia crystal in the centre is followed by a turquoise bead. In the centre is a hoop with a crosshatch pattern reminiscent of snakeskin. Another disk follows, this time however it is set with turquoise. The last charm on the bracelet is a cubic zirconia crystal. The integrated charms have been spaced out and kept relatively simple in order for the wearer to have more freedom when personalising the piece. The turquoise and charms however give it an appealing appearance which allows for the bracelet to be worn as is. 

turquoise charm

Thomas Sabo Turquoise Moon Sterling Silver Charm 1537-404-17

A simple crescent moon charm would be a fantastic edition to any charm bracelet. The sterling silver pendant can be used on a charm bracelet or as a necklace pendant. A slice of turquoise is backed by sterling silver. The natural black veining of the stone gives the appearance of lunar craters.


Turquoise and Tanzanite Jewellery For December: Birthstone Of The Month

Tanzanite is an incredibly rare variation of zoisite in a blue or violet colour. The gem was discovered in 1967  in Tanzania. Though misclassified at first it was identified as blue zoisite and re-named tanzanite by Tiffany & Co in order to market it better and highlight the gems exclusivity. Tanzanite is a great investment. As the gemstone can only be mined in one place in Tanzania, when the reserves of it become depleted there would be no new stones. As supply depletes, its price will only rise.

Mainly blue or violet in colour, if viewed in different lighting, tanzanite can appear to change colour. Properties prescribed to tanzanite are similar to those of turquoise. It is said to be able to calm and relieve stress as well as aid in concentration. Tanzanite is seen as a good gemstone for highly active people as it helps balance and redirect energy.  

olivia burton tanzanite bee

Olivia Burton | Bejewelled Bee | Silver | Tanzanite | Necklace | OBJ16AMN37

Tanzanite is called “the workaholic’s stone”. Olivia Burton has taken this nickname and given it a playful twist. Playing on the term “busy bee”  this bejewelled bee necklace will remind you to slow down and concentrate on the most important tasks. The rope chain and pendant are made of sterling silver. The pendant is a 3D bee mid-flight. A small tanzanite crystal has been set into the bee’s body. 

Turquoise and Tanzanite Jewellery For December: Birthstone Of The Month

Treasure House 9ct White Gold Diamond & Tanzanite Pendant PD252WT

This elegant pendant will make the best present. The pendant is made of 9 karat white gold. A drop-cut tanzanite is set in the centre of the tear-shaped piece. The design of the piece makes it appear almost as if it’s floating. On the right-hand side the pendant is set with a row of diamonds. 

Turquoise and Tanzanite Jewellery For December: Birthstone Of The Month

Diamond & Tanzanite Ring 18ct FCD00422

If you want to surprise your loved ones with a piece that is really special, we suggest this stunning ring. It’s simple 18 karat white gold band allows for the gemstones to stand out beautifully. The metal’s bright light colour contrasts the tanzanite and highlights the vibrant blue violet hue. In the centre is set an oval cut brilliant tanzanite. It’s flanked on either side by a trillion cut diamond. 

Which of these turquoise and tanzanite jewellery pieces is your favourite? Let us know below in the comments.

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