All Blue Watches

Watch Trend 2019: All Blue Watches

Blue has been a traditional colour within the watch industry since the first timepieces were created. Other traditional colours included black, white and brown. 2018 saw the rise in sales of blue watches, which means that many watch brands have begun designing all blue watches. Now, fashionista’s have predicted that all blue watches will be one of the fashion trends of the year. If you are interested in adding a blue timepiece to your collection, then here are our recommendations.

Bering Ladies Classic Watch Mesh


We are starting our recommendations with this sophisticated watch designed and crafted by Bering. Bering are well know for their futuristic and creative designs, some of which were inspired by nature. This watch is no exception. It shows off a minimalist all blue dial which a mesh strap. This style of watch is perfect for formal occasions, slim and sexy as well as more casual events.

Elliot Brown Women’s Kimmeridge Blue Sunray Oiled Leather Strap

Elliot Brown

This is a classic looking timepiece which will suit a mature woman’s attire well. This watch features a navy blue leather strap and a dazzling blue dial with the added complication of date display. For those that have an active lifestyle day and night, it also coming with the useful function of glowing hands.

Fossil Ladies Jacqueline Blue Stainless Steel 


Fossil have been creating and design watches for decades. Their classy and feminine style is Incorporated within all their ladies timepieces and this all blue stainless steel watch is no exception. The overall style of this was is not complicated but rather simplistic with rose gold markers on the dial. The good thing about this accessory is that it can be combined with outfits for both formal and informal occasions.

Jean Paul Gaultier Navy Tattoo Blue Leather Strap 

Jean Paul Gaultier

If the look that you strive for is more on the edgy side then this watch designed by Jean Paul Gaultier might be the one for you. This watch is perfect for those that have a gothic or grunge inspired style, the highlight of this timepiece being the traditional rose inspired design on the dial. This gorgeous royal blue has been combined with a silver case for those that aspire to have a bold and sophisticated wardrobe.

Which of these timepieces are your favourite from our selection? Let us know in the comments below!